Young Living Essential Oils? Good Enough for The Iron Cowboy. Good Enough For Me!

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This. Man. Right. Here.

James Lawrence is the current Guinness World Record Holder for Most Ironman triathlons Completed in a Year, is taking on a 50-state Challenge this summer that he aptly calls the 50-50-50 Challenge.

His purpose is to bring a national awareness to the ever-growing epidemic of childhood obesity, “We’re the first generation where the parents are slated to outlive their children,” The Iron Cowboy said, “The epidemic is so crazy that I had to do something that equaled its craziness in order for people to pay attention.”

Talk about #BeastMode. James, appropriately called the Iron Cowboy, has already completed 50 triathlons in 50 days in 50 states! And guess what, while he was in Ohio, my husband Dave and I had the privilege of running the 5K (my first ever!) with him during the Ironman Triathlon. Wow! It’s hard to express how much I learned just by working with the Iron Cowboy. First of all, he uses Young Living essential oils and other natural wellness products. That’s right. The Iron Cowboy uses Young Living!

In fact, here is what James has to say about his favorite oils, RC and Pan Away.

“I train my body hard. With big goals on the horizon I can’t afford to be sidelined with injury or fatigue. My muscles love the relief they get from Pan Away- keeps me on track to achieving my goals. I’ve used RC since 1995 and it’s a staple oil I use with racing, recovery, and my kids. Life would be different without it. Nothing open my lungs quite like RC.”

Up to this point, I had never run this kind of race. I was nervous. I was anxious. And had no idea what to expect. I’m so glad I just bit the bullet and put one foot in front of the other. And you know what? I’m happy to say, this was my very first of many 5K runs for me! And since then, I have already completed another one and I’m about to take on a 3rd 5K!

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I am so much more inspired to continue my journey to be well both spiritually and physically. Thank you Iron Cowboy! And thank you Young Living!

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Essential oils are are a great way to add support while you train or prepare for a workout.
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Helpful Resources for Spiritual Growth and Wellness Support

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Dreams & Visions

Dreams and Visions Dr Sharnael WolvertonTake the journey with Dr Sharnael on how dreams and visions can help you understand your life in Christ ! Listen and discover the difference between a dream and a vision, keys to have more dreams and visions, how to better remember your dreams, what is God saying I your dreams and why? And more….. get this powerful resource today!
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Anyone with a longing to dig deep into the Kingdom realm and the mysteries in the Word of God is welcome to join us!

Our life in HEAVEN is more lasting and real than anything here. You and I are establishing our DNA and our agreed to assignment from the WAS WAS, before we were in the womb. It’s time to truly assume our responsibility in our FATHER’S Kingdom in HEAVEN first and here on Earth, then the Multiverse.

Ian Clayton and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton are mandated to teach other Sons of God to access their God Given right to the FATHER’S KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and HIS MULTIVERSE just as Yeshua and HIS DISCIPLES did in the Bible’s New Testament.
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