Why I Am Supporting Trump


I am reposting this (and have several times in multiple places) because some of you are asking why I am supporting Donald J Trump.

I am not willing to debate or argue with you so please have discipline and refrain from any posts if you disagree. If you choose someone else for president there are plenty of ways you can support who you choose on your own platform. Not mine. I will delete all negativity and bad vibes.

In 2007 God gave me a dream and told me that I was assigned to pray for Trump because he has a “Cyrus Mantle.”

I did not know what a “Cyrus Mantle” was but I did research and found that Cyrus is the king in the bible that came in and shifted the world, economy, protected Israel, and the Jewish people. There was peace in the land and wealth and abundance… Many thought Cyrus was not a good guy but he carried “Christian” principles and in the end many believe he knew God.

I had prayed for Trump since 2007 with no knowledge that he would ever even consider running for ANY office, let alone president.

Two weeks before his announcement I had another dream that he came to my house and asked to use the bathroom before an interview he had. I showed him the bathroom and after I walked in, he did too. To my surprise he grabbed my hand, bowed his head, and started intercession to God asking God to please help him “Make America great again…” I sat there shocked! (Again this was BEFORE he even ran.)

In this dream, he then let go of my hand and put his hands in the air then really, really started praying loud and more emotionally intense.

Again, I sat there thinking, “no one would believe he prays like this or even cares …!!!” Two weeks later he announced running.

I looked back to where I found all this in Cyrus and it’s Isaiah 45… And this will be the 45th president.

The next day in REAL life I was called by Trump’s people to come to him and minister to him at this specific time and meeting happening. I didn’t get to, unfortunately (yet!) …but they asked me to send what I had. I did.

He is consulting with many, many spiritual leaders. He lives a life maybe different then you or I, but to pre-judge if he is a Christian or not is not your place or mine.

God judges the heart and I know there will be many who think they are Christians who won’t get in heavens doors (scriptures even say this).

And many who really are followers of Christ but the church looks at them and say no way because they don’t fit their box.

I’m not saying he will make it as president. But I am saying, I hope HE DOES…..

I have had five dreams since that day in 2007. All lead to us praying for him, his protection, the love he has for this country, and his ability to bring this country back to balance with God. We must choose him for many, many reasons.

Bob Jones, who was my spiritual dad, always said he always knew God’s pick but that God would not over ride the will of the people. Again, we must awaken and choose truth.

I am agreeing and seeing our nation flourish in honor, truth, and especially love.

I do not care about his taxes. Nor what he said eleven years ago. Although I don’t always like what he has been caught saying eleven years ago, or even now at times, we all have things we wish we could take back doing and saying.

I am praying our world sees truth and hears truth now. I am praying for an awakening in our world, in our government, and MEDIA! We can show truth and be truth! No matter what things appear.

14650093_10154666535122174_4877703640666556452_nI dare you to dig deep and truly ask God who He personally chooses – Trump or Hillary? Today, as I am writing this, it is Yom Kippur – a day of fasting, revelation, and repentance. I encourage you to dig deep. Try asking God to show you truth and why this is so important. We only see in part and we have access in Him to see the whole big picture. I am Clear and so is my world. I am Revelation and so is my world. I am Truth and so is my world. I am Love and so is my world. ❤️?. ????.

Love you! ❤️?

Dr. Sharnael

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