Crystals, Oils, and Decrees 80-Card Deck Wholesale


This is an exclusive wholesale pricing offer to select retailers & business owners ready to expand the high frequency & vibration tools they offer to their customers.

Each card presents a crystal, what it does, 4 hand selected companion essential oils that work best with it AND a perfected decree for maximum combined high vibration benefit!


Order Now! Wholesale pricing starting from 10 decks.



The Crystals, Oils, and Decrees 80 Card Decks are a fun, educational and easy to use way to:

  • Learn about crystals, oils & affirmations
  • Tune in to the divine science of frequency, vibration and the power of spoken word
  • Be empowered to develop and deepen God-given seer gifts
  • Support the body through the use of crystals, essential oils and decrees that carry & hold frequency

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5 decks, 10 decks, 24 decks, 36 decks


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Beautiful Design

These ONE of kind cards each beautifully present a crystal and 4 hand selected companion essential oils with a decree.

Fun & Easy Learning

Learning about essential oils and crystals while simultaneously raising your vibration has never been this easy, fun & on-the-go!

Body Support

Each crystal, oils and decree pairing is selected for it's ability to carry and hold frequency for maximum body support!​

Divine Science

Tune in daily to the divine science of frequencies, vibrations and the power of affirmations and build a habit of speaking to create miracles.

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Wholesale Package Pricing & Shipping

Receive wholesale pricing starting from 5 decks, save more per item when purchasing 36 decks. We offer flat rate box shipping rates starting from $16.

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