Where is your Power? External or Inner

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Listen up as I discuss the mindsets and the consequences of letting others rule in your domain, dominion or King DOME. Which “dome”are you moving in, from KingDome or something else?

I hope this video supports you in remembering you are Gods Highest Form of Creation! Your mind is a Divine Center of Operation!


  • Psalms 91: the Dome-minion or Biofield
  • Keeping your power
  • Re-Membering and Re-Minding
  • Fasting from the World
  • Following God GPS
  • Having your mind SET on the Christ

Affirmations to remember:

  • I AM the Mind of Christ and I Stay.
  • I AM KingDome and I STAY.
  • I prefer Sovereign KingDome authority over perception of “world” external powers and timelines myself!
  • I AM the Mind of Christ.
  • I AM God PowerFULL .

Everything else ? Y-O-U M-O-V-E!

Ps. We got this ! 💜🙌🏻

⚡ enjoy and share with friends you know ready for a shift.

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