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Dr Mom's Pure Essential Oils First Aid KitTuesday night Topic Your Second Brain!

Find out What your Main Problems and Symptoms ARE and where they are stemming from…

Join us weekly for our Free Health/BizScents Tuesday Class Conf Call at
8:00 PM Central Call 712-432-0900 access code 485782#

This week is Cristina Campbell…YL Gold and Nationally registered, certified, Master Aromatherapist

SHE is amazing..did all the Life Publishing Dvds ..which I have ABSORBED! incredible wealth of knowledge….it is a treat that she is willing to take time for us…

DONT MISS THIS CALL! and invite others to attend this great class!

Activate Leadership Intensive” 10 seats left!!!

Crown Diamond Marcella Vonn Harting and Diamond Dr.Sharnael Wolverton

Denham Springs Louisiana (Right outside Baton Rouge)

Nov 9-10, 2012

Activate Leadership Training Intensive

7pm Friday Saturday 10-10 with breaks accordingly

This Conference is Designed to Train and Educate People in Health through Essential Oils and Ministry/Business.

If you are ready to go to the next level you need to be at this event.

When do you get a Crown Diamond and a Diamond in a small room at your finger tips?

NEVER…oh wait NOV 9-10!!!! Historic!

Don’t Miss It! LIMITED SEATING! only 10 Seats REMAINING!

https://swiftfire.org/itinerary/default.aspx?id=4922&minid=115 to register TODAY!!!!!

www.swiftfire.org to register NOW or info@swiftfire.org for more info or 225-791-7696

We are missing YOU!!!!!!

If you have not already…please add YOU and your entire group to our NEW swiftfire team EO support group…meet new folks using the oils..ask questions, get answers…great group! I encourage you to friend request me at

and i can add you myself:)

JUST got a new facebook so if you are not there on my older one…you can be now on the new one!!!!!

You can also get me via twitter www.twitter.com/drsharnael for daily support

DO ME A FAVOR?? PLEASE! LIKE MY PAGE www.facebook.com/326213126015 ‘Like” Sharnael on Facebook

Great articles on our blog www.drsharnael.blogspot.com My Blog

ok well…gonna run..but love you guys muchoooooo!:) be blessed!

talk to you on the call Tuesday night!!!! oct 16! be there or be SQUARE!

btw..get a twitter…get a blog or new facebook Oils page..do something to reach out and touch today!

His, Dr Sharnael


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  • Tracey

    Hi, a friend has been talking about your essential oils which finds me here. Do you have any information on your site regarding Leaky Gut and PCOS and if the oils would help/cure these issues?

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