Were the ancient priest actually “New Age” or is the “New Age” actually “Old Age?” Maybe all of it is just programming!?

Were the ancient priest actually “New Age” or is the “New Age” actually “Old Age?” Maybe all of it is just programming!?  

“Your mind is programmable – if you’re not programming your mind, someone else will program it for you.”

Programming can be good or bad what’s important is being open and willing to search out truth and not be complacent with what someone tells you no matter who it is!

Join the show this week and let’s look at all these things together! With practical experiences and thoughts, along with our panel of experts from different industries. You can’t afford to miss this show, this show will be your knowledge encyclopedia…….

The show premieres June 30 Thursday noon CST.

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Benefits of grounding are numerous !Grounding has been practiced since the beginning of time when our ancestors walked around in bare feet !Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman described an umbrella affect created when we “earth.” He claimed that grounding equalized the electronic potential between the body and the earth, so the body becomes an extension of the earth’s magnetic field.Once this cohesion takes place , tremendous shifts happen within the body that benefit us.  These changes are both electrical and biochemical!More than a great addition to any good first aid kit, this technology has been shown to be effective in facilitating the relief of many health conditions

The benefits of this include :*Better sleep*Improves inflammation response*Improves immune system*Balances hormones*Decreases risk of chronic health conditions*Stress reduction*Calms nervous system*Decreases pain*Neutralizes free-radicals

*Improved Digestion*Increased metabolism*Skin Support*Increased circulation*Respiratory support*Elevated mood & well-being*Increased energy*Adrenal support*Relieves headaches 

*EMF protection*Reduces menstrual symptoms*Decreases muscle tension*Reduces snoring*Offers faster recovery time*Eliminates jet lag*Supports self regulation*Supports a healthy pregnancy *improves Fertility and more!

The Pneuma Real Pain Relief body charging system is guaranteed to supercharge your grounded earth healing experience. This patent pending technology is much like turning up your body battery charger of healing free electrons from slow to high. You can expect to dramatically reduce the healing time for many common injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains, strains, bone fractures, breaks and overall reduce the pain from body inflammation.


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