Storm Update: We Are Safe!!

 In Gratitude, Hope

Today is a new day ! Thank you for all your prayers ! Please keep em coming ! We got this ! I love y’all so much for your encouraging words and support ! 💜🙏🏻


AND we have multiple trees on our house and IN our house including the living room, kitchen and master bedroom from the tornados…the roof is missing in parts too so lots of rain/water damage inside contents and debris everywhere inside……..please prayers on getting this situated and vote victory that this is FOR US.

Please prayers and victory for our family and household.

Send your prayers and words of victory:

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  • Pegg

    Glad you’re safe, Sharnael!! Praying now. ❤️

  • Tammy and Farris Cox

    Agreeing with God and you that in ALL these things and people HE is working IN ALL THESE THINGS and people for your GOOD and HIS good plan in and through and for you and ALL your family. In earthly and spiritual blessings United ! All my love to you and your family!

  • Kathy Notaro

    Dear Sharnael and Family,

    I am so happy you are all safe, but so sad your home sustained such damage!! I pray that the Lord will be with you all in a very special way as He gives you peace and gives you wisdom as to all that needs to be done!

    May His peace and love be poured upon you ❤️

    Kathy Notaro

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