Timely Word Regarding Leadership and Health

 In Team Swiftfire


Felt to share this, this am as I rarely get such direct words regarding our team and it’s growth. I woke up to this phrase “God is distributing Diamonds” (yes plural)

It is the second time I heard have this…the last time was right after I made diamond in 18 months…when before the record was 6-9 Years average to achieve that. After this word, I believe YL broke 14 new diamonds all making it very very quickly. I believe some barriers are being broken…again.

I know NOW as of this morning that is just the beginning. There are several in the making as we speak…and many who are now reading this, who will choose to partner with God and step in to this Word.

The position of “diamond” isn’t and will never be about rank or clout but about a spiritual authority , a position not freely given but PROVEN and tested over many many daily choices, it’s about of life of seeking a spirit of excellence moment to moment ….a spirit of servant hood and healing, love to many, listening to others, bringing hope and seeing HOPE manifest. Watching healing take place and seeing those healed live a life free of the suffering they once had is a reward so few get to experience.

The position of diamond also comes a high cost. Time is a big big one. Serving and leadership take TIME. Especially the first FOUR -SIX years! There are hours and hours of days weeks, months and years of helping, being there, supporting, maintaining boundaries in love, walking through the rejection that often comes in being misunderstood, dealing with jealousies and conflict from those unwilling to see you in any other light then you have previously maintained.

Hear me now… There are many who will not now and MAY never “get” this mission or call. You will be betrayed, rejected, talked about….Even those whom you thought were most closest to you may surprise you. Be prepared now….to achieve diamond and to even MAINTAIN diamond….you HAVE to be okay with that.

Going up in ranks take dedication to self growth, development and discovery… Intimacy, commitment to God, balance, commitment to the mission, commitment to a high call , SACRIFICE, it takes a STUBBORN perseverance that not MANY can hold. Many days I don’t know if I can either!

Fortunately, it also take a TEAM and unity, so on those rough days you hopefully have at least one or if you are blessed 2 or 3 people who will hear your struggle and challenge you onward Forward. Some may have none. But if you have God showing u the way, you and HIM ARE the majority. And what HE says is the only thing matters. HE alone. He has always been my “why.”

Today I encourage you, to stand with Him. To get clarity and to get your strategy together then…DO this thing. Walk it out, no compromise, no excuses , no apologies …. It’s yours for the taking.

The work is challenging but DOABLE if you so choose DAILY and the reward is GREAT!

RISE up Warrior. Lead the path for others. Stand in your authority. Take this mountain. Take a deep breath and choose now to GO, counting the cost! Many of you will not…..But many of you WILL.

You don’t have to tell a FIRE to burn.


Dr Sharnael


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