The Massive Health Benefits of Bouncing

What burns more calories than walking or running, works out our major muscle groups with full range motion, has low impact on joints, and actually detoxifies your cells WHILE you strengthen your body? Yes, there is such a thing, most of all – It’s FUN! Let me (re)introduce you to the trampoline, aka rebounding, and its MANY awesome benefits in this video.

😳Boobies, Bras and Lymphatic Support ❤️ hee hee!! Watch it below!


  • What is the Lymphatic System
  • Lymph flow and your immunity
  • Joints and balance
  • Strengthen your heart and your cells

TIP: Print out this article off my blog for notes on rebounding and the lymphatic system!

⚡ enjoy and share with friends you know ready to jump-start their detoxification in a fun way!

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