The Healing Power of Infrared Saunas

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Why Are Saunas So Powerful?

The healing power of sweating has been experienced by mankind since ancient times. Over 2,000 years ago, the famous Greek physician Parmenides said, “Give me the power to create fever, and I will cure any disease.” In fact, a fever is the body’s way of enhancing the immune system. Our skin is our largest organ and sweat is one of the major ways our bodies eliminate toxins.

Toxicity in our bodies can manifest in different ways such as headaches, fatigue, weight gain, bad breath, constipation, allergies, chronic conditions, hormone imbalance, and muscle aches and pains. Infrared energy eliminates toxins at a cellular level by producing a deep, detoxifying sweat.  It also raises endorphins that help reduce stress and encourage a fabulous mood! Since many people don’t detox or sweat enough, this is a great addition to any self-care routine.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is a form of light. It is the kind of light that is not seen by the eyes but rather felt as heat on the skin. The same way we can feel the warmth from the sun, even when it’s cold outside, infrared saunas penetrate up to 1 1/2 below the skin to detoxify and revitalize cells.

What Are the Benefits?

  1. Detoxification & Skin Purification – during an infrared session, up to seven times more toxins are eliminated than a regular sweat because of the powerful infrared rays!
  2. Relaxation – infrared energy helps balance cortisol levels (the body’s primary stress hormone) and the heat relaxes muscles.
  3. Pain Relief – infrared saunas helps to relieve inflammation by increasing circulation & relaxing muscles.
  4. Weight Loss – as the body’s core temperature goes up, so does the heart rate (similar to exercise). Therefore the body works harder to decrease body temperature which burns calories. Studies show that spending 30 min is a infrared sauna burns approximately 600 calories
  5. Improved Circulation – as the core body temperature goes up so does the circulation. Consistent sessions may stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation after strenuous exercise.
  6. Decongests Internal Organs – while trying to eliminate excess toxic metals, estrogen, and chemicals, the kidneys, liver, and other organs can become taxed out. Infrared saunas help cleanse the internal organs by causing blood to move toward the body surface.

How To Use Infrared Sauna & How Long?

If you’re already in good health, a 15-30 minute infrared sauna session (at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit) three or more times a week is optimal.

You can often find infrared saunas at a local health club, spa, or private therapist. A typical fee is about $30 per 30-minute session.  Another option is to purchase one for yourself.


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