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Jeanette Cheney is the director of the Wellness Center of Kalispell, where she helps thousands of folks all over the world in health and wellness. I have worked with her a few years now and our partnership has grown in to a fabulous friendship as well! She is a gem! I know you will love this article she wrote regarding health and the holidays! Enjoy!  Dr. Sharnael

This is a wonderful time of year. Faith, Family, Friends & Food.  But there’s also poor diet, over-indulgence, stress, lack of sleep, & seasonal illness. Our bodies, minds, and spirits often enter the New Year running on empty.

So how do you get back on track, and move through the remaining season with good health and grace? Here are some tips that may help:

1. Priority Management. How important is each thing you face? Will it matter in another week, month, or year? Start by scheduling time for YOU. Then make a short list of what really needs to be done that day. The other things can be moved to another time, delegated or eliminated.

2. Nourish your spirit. Daily devotions, prayer, and worship are the boosters of your core being.

3. Turn it over! With each stress, problem, or worry you face, Breathe, Pray, Prioritize, and know that God is in control!

4. Get enough sleep. 10 pm to 6 am is a great schedule for honoring your natural cycle. Quiet your mind and activity starting 1 hr. prior. Do not check your phone, computer or I-pad in the 60 min before bedtime. The light from the screen will interfere with your melatonin production and busy your mind.

Sleep in a dark, quiet, well-ventilated room, free of EMFs (unplug, turn off wireless, move devices to another room). Use a sleep mask and ear plugs if light & noise are factors.

5. Eat Healthy food. Eat the rainbow of colors, lots of veggies & fruits, whole foods and eliminate the junk and fake ingredients. Substitute healthier, whole food ingredients in your favorite recipes. Use lots of herbs and spices. If you make 2 or 3 better choices each day, that will accumulate to 60 to 90 better choices in the next month. That makes a huge difference regarding weight, immune system, mood & overall health.

Eating out at restaurants, other people’s homes and various parties can be a danger zone. Try sampling small portions of food. Watch the empty calories, sugar, fat. Focus on the healthier, colorful, whole food options. Drink lots of water. Choose the simplest drinks.

6. Utilize Healing Techniques. Essential Oils, Massage, Exercise, Stretching, Saunas, Energy Work, Chiropractic, Colonics can all be helpful.

7. Light Detox: Select 1 day a week or 1 weekend each month to prioritize your health.

  • juice fastBreath Deeply, exercise, stretch, dry brush & take a detox bath
  •  Fresh Veggie Juice & 1 Wheatgrass shot or powdered green drink
  • 16 oz. of Green Smoothie (recipe & video at
  • 1 Raw Soup & 1 Salad-based Meal
  • Healthy Snacks
  • 2 to 3 quarts of fresh water (herbal teas count)
  • Detox supplements & oils

8. Deep Detox: The Wellness Education Center program is an 8-day journey that provides a deep cleansing and thorough education. We have held 177 programs with over 3,500 students since 2001. Our students range from age 16 to age 84, all walks of life and widely varied health conditions. Typical weight loss is 10 to 15 lbs.

Our program is a cleansing and learning journey. We work thru a 400-page manual in 8 days of classes. Your program includes 12 drinks per day, including fresh veggie juices, wheatgrass juice, powdered greens, fiber, mineral drinks, detox tea and more.

  • Prefast Kit: includes fiber, probiotics, and enzymes. For 2 to 3 weeks prior to the program, we ask you to clean up your, diet, remove alcohol, sugar, caffeine, refined foods, be more plant based, and incorporate more raw & living foods.
  • Friday 6 to 9 pm: Intro Class. We talk about why to fast, what to expect, and go through everything in the kit; including how to do dry brush and home colon cleansing.
  • Sat & Sun 1-3 pm: Topics include Body Systems, How to Generate Healthy Bowel Movements, SADD (standard American degenerative diet), GMO, why not to microwave food, Emotional & Spiritual healing.
  • Mon-Thurs Noon-2 pm: Topics include Parasites, Yeast/Fungal, how to clean up your home environment, non-toxic body care, clean water & air, electromagnetic pollution, breaking the fast, nutrition, healthy eating, sprouting, fermenting, sea veggies and more.
  • Friday Noon – 2 pm: Break the Fast living foods prep class. We make everything needed for the the first 24 hours off the fast. Also, help you design an individual game plan for the next week. We talk about favorite foods and how to make them healthier.
  • 3-4 pm. Healthy Food Shopping Class. We tour a local market and I discuss what foods to focus on, how to select various items in relation to other similar items, etc.

The entire program is $700, including the kits, supplies, juices and all classes. Multiple housing options are available near by. Schedules, information, testimonies & registration are available at WEC phone is 406-755-8423 and our email is

Jeanette Cheney health educator

Jeanette P. Cheney, Health Educator

Wellness Education Center, LLC
103 Ponderosa Lane, Kalispell, MT 59901
406-755-8423 * 75-JUICE

Jeanette’s journey through 6 recurrences of cancer, failed standard medical treatment, and being told she only had a “couple months to live” led her to visit numerous alternative healing centers across the country.

This increased her faith in God’s healing power, the need to be educated and take personal responsibility. It is not easy to make lifestyle and diet changes, but they are necessary to gain and maintain optimal health. Many of these principals are clearly laid out in scriptures (eg. peace, rest, forgiveness, reliance on God, nourishment).

Trusting God as her strength and provision, Jeanette left a highly successful commercial real estate career in South Florida and entered the Wellness Ministry. In 1999, Jeanette graduated from the Health Educator program at the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. She then founded the Wellness Education Center, to empower others with knowledge.

In 2000, Jeanette and husband Randy moved to the Flathead Valley, feeling God’s call to this healing environment. Since 2001, Jeanette has led over 3,500 people in 177 Guided Juice Fast programs and performed thousands of consultations.

In 2005, WEC moved to its current location on Hwy. 93 at Ponderosa Estates. It offers various alternative healing modalities including Wellenss & Nutrition consultations, Essential Oils, Gentle Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Colon-Hydrotherapy, Biofeedback and Thermography.

Jeanette’s Motto: The foundation of healing is to detox, re-nourish and balance the body, mind, spirit and environment. Faith and education empower the individual and open the door for continued improvement over the entire life. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6.

Jeanette Cheney’s Sample Daily Plan

I make dietary choices based on the “bank account” principal. “Deposits vs. withdrawals”. The better my health and current life situation, the more withdrawals I can afford. In other times, I need to build up by deposit account. But overall, the trend needs to be to the plus side.

I also make decisions based on colors and food groups. Have I had something green, red, yellow, orange, purple yet today? Have I eaten veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and healthy fats? What deposits have I made so far today?

Here is what my typical day looks like:

Upon Arising: 16 oz. of purified water (can add minerals). Followed about 30 min later with the Green Smoothie (recipe below). 16 oz.

Mid Morning: Healthy, high protein meal. Hot Tea or Dandy Blend. Usually one of the following:

  • Sprouted nuts, seeds, grains
  • Organic eggs with veggies
  • Sprouted grain or Gluten Free bread with nut butter or hummus

Lunch: 30 min. prior, drink 16 oz. water.

Then choose from:

  • Soup (raw is best and easy to make)
  • Veggies and Hummus
  • Veggie Burger

Snacks: Seeds, sea veggies, organic food bar, veggies, fruit, hot tea, fresh juice.

Dinner: 30 min. prior, drink 16 oz. water.

Then choose from:

  • Salad based meal topped with healthy protein.
  • Vegetarian choices: Peas, lentils, sprouted beans, veggie burger, tofu or avocado
  • Salad topper: seeds, coconut shreds, dried fruit

Evening: Hot tea, mineral broth. Sometimes air-popped popcorn sprayed with olive oil & herb seasoning. I try not to eat past 8 pm (2 hrs. before 10 pm bedtime).

Bedtime: I mix 32 oz. of water with mineral fizz that contains magnesium. I drink additional if I get up in the night. I finish the balance upon awakening


Wellness Education Center (rev 12/13/16)

Video Demonstration:

                                                                                     VitaMix                     Blender              4 Cups

Optional Items – Blend in 2 cups water.                  2 Qts                       1 Qt.                    of Mix

Flax Meal (Omega 3 and Fiber)                                    2.0 TBS                      1 TBS                  1 Cup

Chia Seeds (Omega 3 and Fiber)                                  1.5 TBS                      ¾ TBS                 ¾ Cup

Lecithin Granuals (needed by all living cells)           1.5 TBS                      ¾ TBS                 ¾ Cup

Shelled Hemp Seed                                                        3.0 TBS                      1.5 TBS               1.5 Cup

WEC Smoothie Mix Total                                8 TBS (1/2 cup)        4.0 TBS (1/4 cup)

Plus: 1 Scoop Sun Warrior Sprouted Rice Protein  2 TBS                         1 TBS

                 Note: Scoop filled to line (if filled to top = 3 TBS)

Then Add                                                                                                     

Greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc) remove stems – Loosely fill container to 2/3 full

Pure Water                                                                      3 cups                      1 ½ cups

Lemon Juice (less if using tart berries)                     3 TBS                     1 to 2 TBS

Blend slightly to make room for the following:

Banana (remove peel)                                                   1 large (2 sm)     1 medium

Pineapple (1 1/2” squares)                                           8 pieces             4 pieces

Apple (with peel, core removed)                                1 large               1 medium

Dark Berries (blueberries, huckleberries, etc)        1 cup                 ½ cup

Additional Water                                                    Fill to 3” from top of blender

Blend Until Smooth (store extra in glass bottles in refrigerator) 


  1. When breaking a fast, keep the smoothie simple.
  2. Greens: Wash well, remove larger stems. Baby spinach can go in whole.
  3. You can substitute ingredients (flax oil, Spirulina, powdered greens, etc.)
  4. If using protein powder, avoid soy isolate or fractionate. Sun Warrior protein is sprouted, bio-fermented rice protein and is 98.2% assumable. It has 16 gm of protein in 2 TBS (1 scoop filled to line).
  5. Shelled hemp seed has 11 gm protein and only 1 gm fiber per 3 TBS (30 gms). This is a good choice for children. Hemp meal (whole ground) has 11 gm protein and 14 gm fiber in 4 TBS.
  6. Can substitute ¼ to ½ cup sprouted Quinoa (raw or cooked) for protein & fiber.
  7. You can also make an ALL GREEN smoothie using cucumber, zucchini, parsley, etc. Limit fruit in cases of cancer, candida, diabetes or hypoglycemia. (Dark berries & 1 other)

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