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Amazing as it may sound, each and every one of our cells behaves like a miniature human. Inside you, fifty trillion minute human-like cells work together. Cells side-by-side helping each other accomplish pumping your heart, breathing your lungs, and all the millions of tasks that need to happen. When we feel ‘in love,’ our cells have the vibration of love too!

~Dr. Bruce Lipton

The LOVE Vibration

According to Lipton, best selling author of The Biology of Belief, our cells hold the “profound secrets of our hearts.” Although it may seems as though molecular biology and romance are unrelated topics, they are actually quite connected. He calls it the “Honeymoon Effect.” (source for article)

Have you ever experienced that so called “head-over-heels in love” feeling? You know, when it seems everything is on track and nothing can get you down; things appear more beautiful, more colorful; you feel as though you are experiencing heaven on earth… and this is not only limited to a romantic partner – you feel in love with life itself? Well, this feeling as well as other feelings actually show up in our cells! Lipton describes it this way:

Proteins, the primal elements of life easily wrap themselves into organic wire sculptures and move in response to environmental signals. On the surface of each cell, receptor proteins receive environmental signals while the effector proteins transform into vibrations and transmit them to the brain where they are interpreted.

Everything begins with LIFE which Lipton defines as “movement.” Our cells are always vibrating and our emotions dictate how our cells vibrate.  There is a measurable difference in our cells when we feel frustrated vs when we are vibrating in LOVE!

Research has shown that environmental signals, such as emotions, are primary in creating illness. In fact, the science of Epigenetics is the process of studying how cellular reactions switch genes on or off.

This new area of study shows that environmental influences are more influential in causing illness than genes. Factors such as toxins, behavior, stress, diet, etc, activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression. In fact, new cancer research suggests that genetic factors only influence the occurrence of illness 10 percent of the time and PERCEPTION is responsible for our body’s health the other 90 percent!!! So just imagine if we consistently vibrate in LOVE and GRATITUDE what effect that would have on our physical bodies!

The Power of Shifting Perspective

Current research shows us how our protein structures are more influenced by non-physical signals (our perception and emotions) than chemical signals (such as drugs). This means that WE HAVE THE POWER to heal our own ills instead of running to the pharmacy to cover up our symptoms. The belief that our genetics dictate our lives has left many feeling victims and powerless. Therefore, this new research shows that what we believe and “vibrate in” has greater influence than all other factors, giving us back our power to heal our bodies and our lives.

Our past perceptions, beliefs, and memories are stored in the cell membrane (aka the cells brain) and are continually transmitted to our brains for interpretation.  Then our minds react to these vibrational messages by creating the reality of what we believe. So for example, if you believe you will get sick, your mind will actually coordinate your cells to make it true. If you believe you are always vibrant and healthy, then your mind will coordinate to make that a reality, and so on. This has been demonstrated in studies where an adopted child ends up with the same disease as siblings in the same family with different genetics.

Subconscious Influences

Lipton reports,

Medicine has acknowledged that illness is seeded in the first six years of life when beliefs are downloaded by the family into the child’s subconscious.

The truth is, young children absorb their parent’s beliefs into subconscious memory without question or discernment because of the state their brains are functioning in – a theta brain wave pattern, which is a hypnotic state of mind. This is why children have such an incredible imagination even to the extent of blurring fantasy and form. Lipton uses this example: When you get a new ipod, there are no songs downloaded so you cannot play anything. As new recordings are downloaded to memory those are the only ones you can play. There are many other choices of songs but first they must be downloaded in order to play them. The same goes for our subconscious mind – whatever has been dowloaded is the only choice available to play until we consciously download and experience new perceptions and beliefs. Time to upgrade our “playlist” with songs of TRUE LOVE… Yes, RE-MEMBER Love.

Time For An Upgrade

We are all ONE and we must choose to transform our individual selves in order to transform our world. It is important for us to upgrade our perceptions and download new beliefs of LOVE and emPOWERment into cellular memory with affirmations of our LOVE-ABILITY. This creates a continual “in love” vibration in our bodies and therefore health and vitality will follow. Lipton calls this “The science of creating heaven on earth.”

Science has shown that the impact of love itself is REAL and measurable biochemically.  It has been shown that when we focus our attention on our hearts and vibrate a core heart feeling, such as gratitude, love, and peace, these emotions immediately shift our heartbeat rhythms into a more coherent pattern.  This diminishes the fight or flight reaction, stress hormones decrease, and DHEA (the anti-aging hormone) is released, which leads to more clarity and intelligence in our decision-making and responses to daily life. What we focus on grows! And clearly science demonstrates that LOVE grows health, happiness, and ALL GOOD THINGS in our bodies and our lives.

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