The Update Part 2 with Rocco Nugent & Dr. Sharnael

Tune into this Swiftfire True TV Exclusive with Rocco Nugent, The Upgrade part 2, Chrystaline Consciousness Clarity!

Missed Part 1? Catch it here!

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Nothing to see here…

“If you haven’t seen this yet let me know and I’ll send it to you. It’s absolutely important to know, especially if you’ve already got poked. 😐”

Yes, Dr. Carrie Madej showed pictures of this in Stew Peters Show 4 days ago. She said soon she will make live video of it under the microscope.

Nothing to see here”

Anne Hamilton & Dr. Sharnael Names, Etymology and Gods Poetry

Author Mathematician Anne Hamilton and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon discuss frequency, call, cymatics, Names, Etymology and Gods Poetry….

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Best spiritual name book 📖

Life changing Gods Poetry … the identity and destiny encoded in your name 💜

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Questions To Ask Yourself In These Times – Swiftfire True TV with Craig Walker & Dr. Sharnael

Tune in to this Swiftfire True TV episode with Dr. Sharnael & Craig Walker discussing these times we are in and the questions to ask ourselves.

⚡️Craig Walker Musician Truther Researcher of the esoteric and seeks to combine his love of spirituality into his music. He plays drums for Nth Ascension and can be found at (Facebook Nth Ascension Music). He also runs a UK based online Crystal shop with his wife Emma which can be found at

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The Upgrade with Rocco Moon & Dr. Sharnael

Tune into this Swiftfire True TV Interview with Rocco (Nugent) Moon.

About Rocco Moon

Rocco Nugent is a multi media artist, poet, poem sonnet, crystal diamond mirror prism, art & trauma therapist.

Here at moon co., we offer integral experience design, emphasized in two realms: art, and wellness. This may take shape as an actual artistic project you’re passionate about, or a more intimate spiritual cultivation of your inner alchemy.

M.o.o.n. = missing out on nothing, aka, becoming fully realized and embodying your dharmic mission for this current incarnation.

Through a unique technique system of ‘lunar reflection’ Rocco reflects the solar light of the soul’s oneness back to the individual for unprecedented clarity and wholeness.
Focused in the areas of art and wellness, Rocco may be the mirror you’ve been seeking to see and know yourself from the angles needed for your fullest embodiment.
Amongst the services offered here at moon co., consider all of it as an alchemical partner or teammate towards your fullest integrity, embodiment, and experience of non dual bliss.

How we got started

Bince 2009, Rocco has been developing his skill set in the realms of artistic and wellness cultivation, both for himself and others.
Rocco’s background includes music production in hip hop, pop, and r&b, acting in the theatre and film, screen writing, dance, various forms of expressionism, shamanism, hatha and raja yoga, and other forms of art and wellness cultivation.


Find Rocco on Instagram:

The Mark of the Beast?

Critical and short videos explaining factual info that is important to understand and pass on‼️ Authentic and ethical people with morals 💜 🧠 have been saying this for over 18 months now, but someone or someonessss literally want you to think otherwise…

#1 The Question is WHY?!?!

#2 Track the mark of the beast

#3 Simple explanation of the whole thing