Cross Fit, Myths, Inspirations, Support Day 3

CrossFit, Myths, Inspirations, Support - Day 3

Listen up to thisย Swiftfire True TV update with Dr. Sharnael where she give you an update on day 3 of her CrossFit challenge and the myths she debunked that inspired her to take the challenge. Also she discusses products she is using to support her while doing the challenge.


  • CrossFit Myths
  • Ah ha! moments
  • Supplements for support

Everyday things I used to do now hurt ๐Ÿ˜‚ What about you, what are your CrossFit testimonies? Would love to hear your stories !! Please!

Support in the Process

Check out for deets on the products she’s using to support herself:

  • โœ…Agilease
  • โœ… BLM
  • โœ… Deep Relief

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