The Real Truth About Sugar

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In lieu of my previous “Divorcing Sugar” blog, I felt to give you a few facts about sugar! Sugar is a drug and it is a poison. It is infiltrating many homes and bodies without the population taking a second glance. The USDA says the average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar per year! This is because it is camouflaged in many processed foods under hidden names such as fructose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, and pretty much any ingredient with the name “syrup.” This is true in desserts, but is also the case in savory packaged items labeled as “natural” or “health” foods! So most likely, those who are not aware of this, are consuming beyond too much sugar before they even pass the brownies.

Why Sugar Is A Drug

Based on multiple studies on rats, evidence supports the hypothesis that we can become dependent on sugar in a similar way to Cocaine and Heroin! This dependency on sugar can lead to eating disorders, obesity, as well as other mental and physical diseases. The rats in these studies showed that sugar released opioids and dopamine, which attributed to its addictive potential. When sugar was taken away, their dopamine levels dropped and the rats experienced intense anxiety from withdrawal. This also seems to be true for humans as many people experience this as they begin eliminating sugar from their diets.

Health Risks Associated With Sugar

The rise of obesity in America is often blamed on eating too much and not exercising enough. However, according to UCSF, the real problem here is sugar consumption. Sugar increases fat storage and encourages the brain to think its hungry when the body is not. In addition, sugar suppresses the immune system. Each day, whatever foods and drinks we put in our bodies affect our body pH. A daily dose of sugar creates an acidic environment in our bodies, which can lead to disease like chronic inflammation, blood sugar instability, and even type 2 diabetes. This is especially true for people who do not have a healthy exercise routine. It is important to cultivate an alkaline environment in our bodies to promote good health.

Action Steps We Can Take

  • Get rid of juices, sodas, and any other sugared liquid in your house. Drink more water instead! Be creative by drinking coconut water, or adding real fruits like citrus or berries to your water for flavoring.
  • Eat carbohydrates associated with fiber such as whole fruits and veggies. (As well as eating more nutrition packed super foods for energy!)
  • Check the ingredients before you buy anything at the grocery store and look for names that potentially could be added sugar
  • Stay away from toxic artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, Alitame, Cyclamate, Dulcin, Equal, Glucin, Kaltame, Mogrosides, Neotame, NutraSweet, Nutrinova, Phenlalanine, Saccharin, Splenda, Sorbitol, Sucralose, Twinsweet, Sweet ‘N Low, Xylitol. These can be even more detrimental to your health.
  • Make your own sweet treats with healthier alternatives such as Stevia, Dates, Raw Honey, Dark Amber Maple Syrup, Blackstrap Molasses, and Banana Puree

People across the world are recognizing sugar and its effect and many are turning their lives around for themselves and their children. I challenge you too, to do everything you can to get off this drug and support/balance your body the way God intends.

Follow Dr SharnaelIf you choose extra support we have a special private Facebook page just for you called YL Sugar for a Year. Purpose of this group is to support one another on a SUGAR Free journey….with insights, encouragement, and tips on how to get sugar free and MAINTAIN a sugar free lifestyle… or at minimum, DETOX!

The link for this group is: I hope you enjoy the support 🙂

I Am Love,  Dr. Sharnael




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