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Meet Dr. Sharnael Wolverton

Sharnael Blue Hair We only have one life to live so I love to Inspire and Motivate people to step into what God has designed them to be TODAY; Not ten years from now. We must start walking in the path God has laid out or we will end up not accomplishing anything we were designed to do while we were given this amazing opportunity to be alive. So Live today stop saying tomorrow I will start eating healthier, or tomorrow I’ll start managing my finances better, or tomorrow I’ll spend more time with my family, and many more situations that rob people from your positioning in life. This keeps many people at the bottom of the ladder and they never advance to the next rung on the ladder. Many times you miss life changing opportunities because you were not ready for them when they showed up in your life and you missed it. That window may take years to open again, and in some cases will never show up again, God will let someone else have (YOUR OPPORTUNITY) Will You Start Getting Ready Today? That is my question for you today. Stop saying tomorrow God has it for you today Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear. What is God saying do you even hear Him? If you start walking towards that window called opportunity and go out of it and get on your path God has already paved for you. You only have one thing to do and that is to SUCCEED in all that you do and put your hands to. I pray and hope that God is stirring you heart and soul to be awakened TODAY to see what swiftfire ministries is doing and where we are going. I would love for you to get to experience this amazing journey with me through Natural Health and taking your body back to true health and wellness. You have the Power to Change within you it’s up to you to decide which paths in life you walk down and how long you walk. I will tell you this swiftfire and the coaches on this page are walking down this path of Divine Health and Miracles, Signs, & Wonders through God. I would love for you to be apart of this amazing family. Much Love From God Above and from Me your Friend.

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Creating a Healthy Home

Meet Dana Cammack

Dana Cammack_Essential Oils ConsultantHi, I’m Dana, wife, homeschooling mother of 3 boys, and passionate business owner on a mission to help families just like yours experience wholeness, health, and wealth through the power of these things called Essential Oils. I truly believe sharing is caring, so I have made it my business to share my secrets, tips, recipes, business and life lessons to help you keep your whole family healthy, naturally.

I have been on this “healthy journey” for the past four years.  My family and I have really benefited from the things I’ve discovered.  Would you like to join us?  Come learn with us…

Dana and FamOur adventure started in 2005 when we returned from serving as missionaries overseas in the Dominican Republic after five years.  Our family of five was not eating the most healthy foods upon our return (hey, we missed Twinkies and Dr. Pepper over there!!), and we also encountered cross-culture shock and much stress as we returned home to the States.  As a result, at least one of us was in the doctor’s office at least once a week for that first year!  Talk about wanting a change of scenery!!  As we continued from one prescription to the next, I began looking into various natural remedies as a way to get off of the “medical treadmill.”  Our diets improved, and I also discovered essential oils, by the grace of God.

Since being introduced to Young Living Essential Oils several years ago, our family has been off of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.  This has been so freeing!  We love the way we feel using these pure oils and natural supplements.  After a year of boosting our immune systems and getting healthy again, the last three years have also been an adventure–having a home-based business!!  This has been another blessing, as I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom.  (Oh, and did I mention I also home-school our three boys?)  Yes, if I can do this, then you can, too.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting healthy, saving money in many ways, AND building a thriving business with residual income.  Join me on this healthy and prosperous journey today, and live the abundant life YOU were meant for! :)

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