The World of Mirrors: A Bridge to Knowing and Being your “True Self” by Valerieann J. Skinner


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Do you ever feel trapped in a box labeled “less than who you are?” This book provides you with the tools for bursting out…by going within! Learn how to tap into the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge “within” by looking at your reflection in the “World of Mirrors.” Open the door to your heart and remove the negative feelings and thoughts which have created any false and limiting beliefs covering the truth of who you are. In this book, Valerieann Skinner shares the stepping stones for building a boundless bridge to knowing and being your “True” Self. You will learn how to tap into your dreams, and how to extract guidance and healing. You will also learn a painless way to resolve the negative feelings that surface as you begin seeing your reflection in the “World of Mirrors.” The magical mirrors you will learn to use are: Your Body Your Words Your Daily Life Your Surroundings World Events Also included are simple steps for understanding one of the most dynamic mirrors…your Dreams. Learn how to: Remember Your Dreams Interpret Your Dreams Interpret Colors in Your Dreams Interpret “any” symbol


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