(1 hr Workshop) Frequency, Singing Bowls, Oils, Crystals with Dr. Sharnael & Steve Hampton


Understand the power of Frequency, Sound, Singing Bowls, Oils, Crystals & more! Join us on this online journey & upgrade your vibe today!



Let’s Re-member How these tools all sync together for our best life! We are so excited to partner and share all the benefits, strategies and insights to support you and your family.

About the Teachers

Steve Hampton is a certified sound healer, recording artist, author, and consciousness coach. He is the founder of Kēmiyā Life! International, a living system based on incorporating subtle energies, frequency calibration, and wholistic wellness practices.

Dr. Sharnael is a naturopathic doctor, international speaker, and author whose focus is on mind body Spirit healing, integration, and upgrades.


  • This is a 1 hour workshop with demos.
  • Instant access purchase, no transfers, refunds or returns posibble.


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