Signs & Wonders CD


Live From Christian Shreveport: Great worship music some of my favorite songs. Just Amazing way to get in a Godly atmosphere.

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Signs & Wonders

Can music change the atmosphere to force signs & wonders to take place? I believe yes, and this CD is one of my favorites. It is a great tool to have in your house when you need a breakthrough or if your just having a rough day and need a little push to get you over the mountain. This CD signs & wonders will open your heart to a realm that will make you hit your knees and seek the face of God every time you play it. Music is the best weapon against the enemy because not only will it change the atmosphere, but it will increase the boldness in your prayer to combat the enemy. It’s a win win so get this CD and you will know what I am talking about. Blessings



Signs & Wonders Tracks:

1. Come, Let Us Sing
2. Who is He
3. All Things New
4. Eternally
5. Bread & Wine
6. Cloud by Day
7. Signs & Wonders
8. Let Your Glory Fall (Spontaneous)
9. Preparing the Way (Spontaneous)
Bonus Track: Vine Keeper




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