Scriptural Essence: Temple Secrets Revealed (Paperback) Janet McBride – 2018 REVISED


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From the Author: Did you know that Chakras, Meridians, Kinesiology (Muscle-Testing), Vibrational Frequency, and Pharmaceutical Companies are found in Biblical Texts? When you look beneath the surface of Scripture-inside the original Hebrew and Greek Languages-you too will discover ancient healing secrets of what God revealed to humanity. At the centerpiece of these revelations is Nature’s Original Medicine: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. This fascinating book delves into Biblical references for 20 essential oils and how they were used in the time of King Solomon. Through “Scriptural Essence,” you will take an unusual look at how to heal emotions according to the same Torah directives that Moses understood and taught. Solomon wrote 3,500 years ago that “There’s nothing new under the sun; what has gone before will come again.” And like everything else, health and nutrition secrets are as powerful today as they were “in the beginning.”


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