Sacred Body Language Translations (understanding your body’s unspoken language)


Paperback – 2006

Robert Tennyson Stevens (Author)

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In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective (global) memories. In Sacred Body Language Translations, Robert visually describes how to ‘read’ and translate how the subconscious communicates to us through symbols, archetypal patterns, body sensations and energies in our environment. Learning to ‘read’ these patterns opens a whole new world of communication between our conscious mind and our ‘other than conscious’ self. Come ‘listen’ to the language of the sub-conscious as it speaks through our hands, feet, face, eyes, nose, body movements, fingernails, hair, wrinkles, lines, symptoms, organs, glands, bodily functions revealing a dramatically deeper understanding of who we are, what our current requirements are and how best to respond with love. *Please note, this is a workbook with approximately 70% of the material filled in, the balance to be completed in the Mastery of Energies and Body Language course.


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