The Science Of Miracles Re-Membering The Frequency of Love By Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon


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You can’t pee in the pool and hope it doesn’t get everywhere! With energy it is the exact same way! Issues in one area of your life affect everything.

Tired of cycling the merry-go-rounds of negative patterns in your life?

Join Dr. Sharnael and understand the simplified beautiful marriage of Quantum Physics and Spirit! Apply her easy formulas to your own life and experience your personal quantum leap miracles today !

You deserve a Super-natural life every moment of everyday ! Start today !

Topics include :

  • Creating Your Life
  • Frequency and You
  • The Bio-Field
  • Split Energy
  • Kingdom vs KingDome
  • Re-Coding Your Timeline
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Trauma Loops and Signature Codes
  • The Royal Law
  • Miracles Happen!

And more !

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