Healing Oils of the Bible (BOOK)


Considered spiritual and sacred by Biblical people, healing by prayer and anointment with oils was practiced by Jesus' disciples and early Christians is made practical for us today in this book by Dr. David Stewart. Learn how to apply these time-tested principles to your wellness, purpose and abundance routine today. Based on both science and scripture.

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Healing Oils of the Bible is by Dr. David Stewart and contains 326 pages filled with over 500 Biblical references to essential oils, aromatic plants, and/or their uses. Book is both scriptural and scientific.

Partial Table of Contents

Healing Oils of The Bible - How To Use Essential Oils

  • What are the Healing Oils of the Bible?
  • God: the First Aromatherapist
  • The Biblical Meaning of Anointing
  • Roses of the Scripture
  • Myrrh: The Most Popular Oil of the Bible
  • Extracting Essences in Biblical Times
  • Bible Oils Program You Can Do

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