(30 min Class) From Self-Sabotage to Success with Robert Tennyson Stevens & Dr. Sharnael


Ready to create a clear path of sucess and victory for you and you family?

Join us Dr. Sharnael and Robert Tennyson Stevens here and Re-Member how to go from self-sabotage to success!

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If you have experienced less than awesome outcomes or patterns in your life so far …. why continue the cycle?
Let’s redirect and start a path to permanent victory for you, your family, your health, your biz and your life today!

Let’s start the year Re-Membering fully our greatest opportunities for success and victory through our highest choices!

We are here. We are in a new decade! Congrats! Excited to see you with us!

Join Dr. Sharnael and Robert Tennyson Stevens for this special time of transformation and awakening.

*due to the nature of this class there are no refunds, transfers, or exchanges.


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