Feng Shui God’s Way: The Secret Was Here All the Time (Paperback) Janet McBride – 2019 REVISED


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From the Author: What do Feng Shui-an ancient Chinese philosophy and Art of Placement-and the writings found in the Bible have in common? According to author Janet McBride, much more than we ever could have imagined! Join Janet as she explores the connections between the Chinese and Hebrew cultures and languages, and discovers how the writings found in the Bible correlate with the elements and practice of Feng Shui. Would you be surprised to know that Noah’s Ark, Solomon’s Temple and the City of New Jerusalem are all designed Feng Shui? Believe it! Now you, too, can find out how it was accomplished. In this revolutionary approach to the Natural Art of Placement, Janet strips the mask from the mystical approach to Feng Shui and brings it home in a comfortable and spiritually enlightened framework. Learn what you can do to enhance your life, health, relationships and prosperity through the Biblical Roots of Feng Shui.”


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