The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness


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Paperback – 2013

A PREPPER's guide to essential oils, basic medical skills and herbal remedies. An easy, step-by-step guide to handling injury, infectious disease, chronic illness, pregnancy, childbirth, mental health and more!


The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness is an easy, step-by-step guide to handling injury, infectious disease, chronic illness, pregnancy, childbirth, sanitation, personal hygiene, mental health, and more with essential oils, herbs, basic medic skills, basic reflexology and acupressures, and a healthy lifestyle using food storage. This book covers many common ailments and how to take care of them naturally, as well as other diseases that may only happen once in your lifetime. There are recipes for homemade hygiene products and recipes to deal with specific health issues. Also included are recommended essential oils, herbs, food storage, etc. to have on hand in case you aren’t able to get them when you need them. If you are pregnant, you may want to know what to have on hand in case you must have your child without a doctor or hospital. If you want to be prepared to deal with any of the above mentioned things at home, this book could be a life-saver!

“This book is useful for everyone from the novice to the expert. The novice will appreciate that the basics of utilizing these oils, herbs, reflexology, and acupressure are discussed, so you don’t feel lost. Get this book. You will refer to it, much to your benefit, time and time again!”
– Victoria Dortzbach, RN

Size: 437 pages; 9″x 7″x 1¼”, coil-bound.
Published in 2013.



Julie Behling-Hovdal graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences in 1997 with an emphasis on botany. Two years later she lost her health and spent the next 6 years partially-disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Firbomyalgia. During the years of her illness, she experienced first-hand the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s health and the efficacy of Mother Nature’s medicines. In 2005 Julie got her health back and got off 4 Rx drugs with essential oils and supplements from Young Living as well as lifestyle changes, and began teaching others about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils for health. In 2007, Julie trained and got certified with the International Institute of Reflexology in 2007 and started a reflexology and holistic healing practice in Salt Lake City, UT. In 2008, she trained with Lilian Tibraeny-Morten in basic acupressure. Julie founded Essential Survival in 2010 with the goal of helping many people be able to handle as many health concerns as possible by themselves at home.

Rebecca Potter began her journey into herbalism in 2004 when faced with a health condition that was not being helped with traditional methods. She is now a self-proclaimed lifelong student of herbalism and lover of herbs. She feels passionately about sharing her knowledge and experience with herbs to empower all to achieve the greatest possible health potential. She received her Master Herbalist degree from The School of Natural Healing in 2012. Rebecca contributed all herbal information in The Essential Survival Guide to medical Preparedness.

Col. Edward A. Behling, USAF (Ret), received his B.S. degree from Utah State University and his M.S. degree from the University of Illinois in Physiology. He has been involved with first aid instruction for over 40 years. He also completed the medical training requirements of a pararescueman. He has been certified as an instructor trainer for the Red Cross, as Sport Safety Instructor, and a Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor. Ed Behling contributed the sections of Western first aid and the medic’s perspective on medical preparedness.



Chapter 1 – Medical Preparedness – An Overview
Chapter 2 – Medical Preparedness Supplies & Skills
Chapter 3 – First Aid, Wilderness Medicine, & Medical Emergencies
Chapter 4 – The Importance of Lifestyle in Medical Preparedness
Chapter 5 – Getting Off Drugs
Chapter 6 – Infectious Disease
Chapter 7 – Women’s Health, Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Infant Care
Chapter 8 – Sanitation & Hygiene
Chapter 9 – Handling Stress, Grief, & Despair in a Collapse Scenario
Author Bios
Appendix 1 – Guidelines for Using Essential Oils, Herbs, Reflexology & Acupressure
Appendix 2 – Reflexology Foot Map
Appendix 3 – Meridian Charts for Acupressure
Appendix 4 – Giving Birth “In Place”: A guide to Emergency Preparedness for Childbirth



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