Spreading the Joy Contest Free! 5mil of Young Living Joy Oil

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Spreading the Joy Contest Free! 5mil of Young Living Joy Oil
What makes you happy?

You can see in this picture that being with my husband David makes me happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

But let me share with you another thing that REALLY makes me happy: Seeing people healed, whole and functioning in their FULL Purpose, Health and Wealth for their life!

We often get great stories and testimonies from folks who have used our essential oils products and I love hearing them!

We decided to have a contest for this week to see who has the very best SWEET testimony regarding their experience with essentials oils.

Post all Testimonies in the comment section and the winner will be chosen next week! You can have up to 5 entries of different cool testimonies per person for us to chose from! And everyone is welcome! The winner gets a cool 5 mil bottle of YL JOY OIL!

So think about the coolest testimonies you have experienced with Young Living Essential Oils and share in the comment section below!:)

As you spread the JOY you also receive JOY!

Have fun!

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Sharnael Wolverton

    i love joy oil ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Diane Ebert

    Wow, where to start with a testimony. I would have to say one of the first oils I ever used was the Stress Away. That seemed to help me stay focused when life(business) seemed to be overwhelming and disfunctional. After using Grounding at night, (layering is key), I put some lavender and other others to help with relaxing and adding peace and calming and gratitude for a wonderful day, versus focusing on all that ‘negatives’ for a day.

  • Diane Ebert

    I have found that with Joy oil it not only raises my frequency in my body if the day happens to be ‘sluggish’ or negative, it smells sooo refreshing! The other interesting thing I do, is before I go to a meeting(connection/personal/business) I put joy oil on. Put it in my hands and wipe my hands together in circular motion and then put it over my heart and on my head and then I get to ‘share the joy’ as it is still on my hands when I shakes hands, give hugs, and for sure has ‘great perfume’ power! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Diane Ebert

    About 1 1/2 yrs ago I found out (in not a wonderful say) that a slip of paper on a wood floor allows for one to do the in-voluntary front splits:(. OUCH!! TO SAY THE LEAST. I was never a gymnast anyway and did not really want to start that particular night. I immediately called my natural path, and for a year I used a combination of oils to help in the healing along with therapy showers of hot, cold, hot, cold (ending on cold) in the areas affected with the intense strain/tearing from my injury. Raindrop treatments, and lemongrass, marjoram, lavender, relieve it, peppermint, panaway, peace and calming, etc I could go on. I never went to a medical doctor, and while the natural approach to healing can take longer, it only has safe and incredible positive side effects. I am not stronger in my lower extremities and building muscle! yea!

  • Lisa Storm

    As a mom, Grandma and Massage Therapist, I am fully aware of women’s hormonal issues.
    I am also aware that due to the lack of sunshine in my state of MI, and many other states in the winter months, we have a higher rate of depression and SADD. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
    I use Young Living oils on almost every client in my practice, depending on their individual needs. PanAway, Copaiba or Wintergreen for pain relief, Peace and Calming or Lavender for relaxation, or White Angelica or Frankincense for emotional issues, are a few of my favorites.
    Along with this, every woman gets a nice dose of JOY oil before they leave in the winter months, to uplift their spirits and their positive emotions.
    My favorite story is the young mom who called me back and said, I have been trying to find an alternative for depression, other than medication. This JOY oil you used on me lasted for 3 days. I want some!!
    I am thankful to Young Living for allowing me to share the oils with others.

  • Connie Stollery

    Yesterday, I stabbed my finger pad with the end of a sharp knife and it started bleeding profusely. I grabbed some Purification and, after dabbing up the blood, put a drop on top of the wound, and watched as it sat suspended there on top of the little circle of blood. It stopped the bleeding! After about a minute, I sopped up the liquid, put a bandaid on and today I can see it was fairly deep, but healing up nicely, only slightly tender.

    I recently cleared up a gum infection on top of what may be a dead tooth with thieves oil. (Sometimes I mixed it with either peppermint or lemon to make it taste better). I did this two or three times a day for about three days and – ta da! – it was gone.

    Last winter I also got rid of a sinus infection the same way, thieves mixed with peppermint rubbed on my forehead, temples, and under my nose. Kinda strong, could be diluted, but I wanted the fastest action and got it!! Yay YL!

    A few months ago I had a painful wart on the end of one of my toes. Cloves oil applied once a day (hit and miss, sometimes I’d miss a day) for about a week made it dry up and I pulled it out by the root!

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