soul audit

A soul audit accesses all your energical blockage in multiple forms to confirm the data and then turns it into a detailed personalized step by step plan to raise your frequencies.

Raising your frequencies ultimately means reaching higher levels on the map of consciousness (Dr. Hawkins), growing the width of your soul and balancing all your chakras that each are linked to different dimensions of your life.

But why raise your frequencies? We attract who we are. So at higher frequencies you’ll attract more abundance at every dimension of your life. You’ll live more at ease and reach deeper levels of self love.

In the 1st part of my Soul Audit, I calculate your soul width, on which layer of the aura you live by, what’s your primary base level on the map of consciousness, which chakras are blocked or balanced or hyperactive and finally know if your feminine and masculine energy are balanced. I do this using Kinesiology Muscle Testing combine with my intuition.

In the last part of your remote audit , I find your abundance blocks and five top childhood trapped emotions to clear using Emotion Code (Dr . Nelson)

After the remote session, I send you a report guide to support you to your highest.

dr sharnael wolverton sehon nd

Dr. Sharnael, originally from Montana, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Minister who teaches on Divine Heath and the Human Body. She is a Crown Diamond in Young Living and is passionate about reconciling all people to an integrative life: mind, body, and soul. By teaching in over 44 countries and having over 15,000 clients in over 44 countries, plus her influence on social media, she does just that!

She has also authored 5 books in total, of which the two most recent titles are “The Science Of Miracles Re-Membering The Frequency of Love” and “Keto Reset 31 Days to New Life” as well as a card deck “Crystals, Oils and Decrees Card Deck” and has produced numerous teachings on the topics of Divine Science and the Human Body including consciousness, epigenetics, quantum health, essential oils, nutrition, frequency, the biofield, juicing, conscious language, cleansing, detoxing, and way more!

Dr. Sharnael currently lives in LA with her husband Brian, her 5 children, 6 cats, 4 dogs, hedgehog, and turtle. She is also an animal advocate and foster mom for her local shelter.

For more connection to her and her powerful resources check out her online bookstore, blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course her popular “30 Days to New Life Keto Bootcamp Reset Membership” which is an amazing resource of all the ins and outs of a Keto Lifestyle including over 30 daily videos to reprogram. And her “I love my Liver Gallbladder Membership” which walks you through a guided Liver/Gallbladder cleanse including 3 videos and tons of support.

She also has these private Facebook groups, “Ketonian Nation” and  “Divine Science and the Human Body.”