Scriptural Essence: Amazing Secrets for Best Health & Longevity

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Listen up to find out amazing secrets of scripture encoded in the Hebrew and Greek Languages that lead to optimal health & longevity! My dear friend Janet McBride did this class for my team and I feel this would be helpful tools for your lives ⚡ enjoy and share with friends you know ready for a shift.

In this video Janet reveals:

  • Our communicator with our Heavenly Father
  • The real New Testament definition of pharmakeia
  • Secrets of the Divine Temple as found in scripture
  • Nature’s help to receiving Vision from God

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Muscle Testing, Energy & Remembering YOUR Highest Choices w/Dr. Sharnael

In this class Dr. Sharnael teaches 4 ways you can test yourself, your family and others and give live demos, ways to strengthen the body test and:

  • What is muscle testing ?
  • How can it help you ?
  • What does science say about it ?
  • How do you apply this to your daily life?
  • What does it mean if you are “upside down?”

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