Science of Clearing Part 1

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Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute conducted a study regarding the influence clutter has on the brain. They found that when an environment is cluttered, the chaos affects our ability to focus and limits the brain’s ability to process information. We may not be consciously aware of the influence clutter has on us, yet our subconscious brains are always aware of the items in our environment.

In fact, many people find that when they clear their environment, they feel much “lighter” physically, emotionally, and even spiritually!  It can feel like a burden has been lifted and increase clarity, especially if those items brought up negative emotions. Often times what causes procrastination is the emotion attached to the mess.  Also, when we physically feel “stuffy” it can help to start clearing and cleaning to speed the recovery process. Clearing step by step or with friends can help alleviate the “overwhelm” that can come with messes. When you walk into a room pay attention to how each item around you makes you feel. If it doesn’t bring you joy than clear it one item at a time.

Join me in doing a Clearing Challenge! Watch the video below and share with someone else to challenge them!!

??If you choose to accept this challenge let me know in the comments! Type “accept” and once you are done just post DONE! If you are really BRAVE post what you are doing or did!

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