Run for Your Life! How Running Can Change Your Life…For Good!

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I never thought I would be saying this, but if you are physically able to run, I encourage you to make it a part of your regular fitness routine. When it comes to cardio, running is a great way to get your heart rate up as well as strengthen your lungs. Running also wakes up your lymphatic system; the system responsible for transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. There are so many benefits to running, among them are:


  • Heart Health. Of the many health benefits of running, heart health is #1. Running helps lower blood pressure helping the arteries to contract and expand. It also makes the heart muscle stronger, which can prevent heart attacks.
  • Lung Health. Did you know many smokers turn to running to recover full lung health after they quit smoking? It’s true. Running strengthens the lungs by forcing the body to take deep breaths.
  • Stress Relief. Your body releases more than just sweat when you run. It also helps your brain to relax and releases endorphins that help you calm down. Stressed? Try running to help relieve tension, fatigue and clear the brain. An article published by Vanderbilt University even explains some doctors claim that running works as well as psychotherapy in helping patients with clinical depression.
  • Release Toxins. One thing is for sure, you will SWEAT when you run! Thanks to the lymphatic system, as your body releases sweat, excess toxins and waste get released along with it. This is why it’s also a great idea to drink plenty of water at least 15-20 minutes before you run so you don’t get dehydrated. It’s also important to replenish the moisture you lose while running by drinking water after your run as well.
  • Burn More Calories! OK. If I haven’t convinced you to at least give running a try by now, perhaps the benefit of burning calories will win you over. When you run, you burn 3-4 times more calories than walking or cycling in the same amount of time. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to workout and exercise anyway, I want the biggest payoff for everyone of my steps!


I know you may be reading this thinking running is not for you. And I’ll be the first to tell you I used to HATE running! I honestly don’t know what came over me when I signed up for my first 5K run, but I’m so glad I just did it. The thing that helped me the most was connecting with good friends who encouraged David and I to take it one step at a time. Here’s a photo of myself, David and our friends, Dr. Mary and Jay Carter who to this today hold us accountable to keep running.

Dr Sharnael with Dr Mary


Need another incentive to run? Consider signing up for a Turkey Trot or Relay for Life or other run or walk connected to a cause. Many of the causes have ways to connect with other runners which is a great way to make new friends and get connected with something bigger than yourself. Here is #TeamSwiftfire’s Young Living team after the “Light the Night” Neon Run/Walk to benefit the Young Living Foundation at the 2015 Young Living Convention.

Team Swiftfire YL 5K

Neon Run with Young Living

This was such a powerful way to spend time with each other, encourage each other and build team morale and support. I simply LOVE these people!


I encourage you to make essential oils a part of your everyday lifestyle and fitness habits. Here are just a few to use before and after your next run.

Before Your Run

Lemongrass Pure Essential OilLemongrass Essential Oil: Lemongrass essential oil contains high levels of citral, a compound that may support thermogenic activity in the body when consumed.
[spacer size=”0″] Fitness Essential Oil BlendFitness Essential Oil Blend: The INFUSED Fitness™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to uplift, energize, and give you the inspiration to set and achieve your strength and fitness goals.
[spacer size=”0″] Peppermint_5mlPeppermint Essential Oil: When ingested, Peppermint essential oil supports digestion and may improve concentration and mental acuity. When used topically, it soothes sore muscles.
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After Your Run

Panaway_5mlPanaway Essential Oil Blend: Rub PanAway essential oil blend on muscles to keep muscles relaxed after your run.
[spacer size=”0″] Ningxia Red Antioxidant JuiceNingXia Red or Ningxia Nitro: NingXia Red’s cascading energy and nutrient-rich formula is a perfect way to prepare for any workout.
[spacer size=”0″] Ortho Sport Massage OilOrtho Sport Massage Oil: Ortho Sport Massage Oil is designed for both professional and amateur athletes, as well as anyone who works or plays hard.
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Are you new to running? Start out slow. I’ll admit, running is not easy when you’re first starting out. You’ll feel like you’re running out of breath and you’ll want to quit. But don’t! If you pace yourself, you’ll be able to run longer distances sooner than you think. Start out power walking for the first few days. Then after 3-4 days, add in 3-5 minutes of running every 5 minutes of your walk. No need to sprint, just a light jogging pace will work. After 6-7 days, bump up your 3-5 minutes to 5-8 minutes and then 8-10 minutes until you can go a full 10 minutes of running without stopping. Keep going and you’ll be able to run 20-30 minutes without even thinking about it. This is when you’ve crossed into the “Zone”, and I’ll be right there to welcome you to the club!

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Helpful Resources for Spiritual Growth and Wellness Support

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Dreams & Visions

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Ian Clayton and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton are mandated to teach other Sons of God to access their God Given right to the FATHER’S KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and HIS MULTIVERSE just as Yeshua and HIS DISCIPLES did in the Bible’s New Testament.
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