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Biblical Remote Healing Reference

🖐🏻Healing the centurion’s servant is one of the miracles said to have been performed by Jesus of Nazareth as related in the Gospels of Matthew[1] and Gospel of Luke (both part of the Christian biblical canon). The story is not recounted in the Gospels of either John or Mark.[2]

In Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10 the Bible gives the account of a Centurian who came to Jesus because his servant was near the point of death.

According to these accounts, a Roman Centurion asks Jesus for his help because his servant is ill. Jesus offers to go to the centurion’s house to perform a healing, but the centurion hesitates and suggests that Jesus’ word of authority would be sufficient. Impressed, Jesus comments approvingly at the strong religious faith displayed by the soldier (despite not being a Jew) and grants the request, which results in the servant being healed the same day.

🖐🏻The Syro-phoenician Woman’s Daughter
In Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28, the Gospels share the story of a non-Jewish woman who came to Jesus pleading that he heal her demon oppressed daughter. This woman had great faith, as she knew that even crumbs from the “bread of life” that Jesus was giving to his people, the Jews, would be enough to heal her daughter. Jesus did grant that healing, and commented on the great faith of the woman.

🖐🏻 The Capernaum Official’s Son
In John 4:46-54, an official came to see Jesus, because his son was sick to the point of death. He asked Jesus to come before his son died. But, instead of coming with the man to heal the son (as Jesus often did with similar requests), Jesus simply told the man to “Go” and that his son would live. The man returned home and found his son was indeed healed at that time. In this story, the man is almost scolded by Jesus for his faith that needed a sign. This man did not have great faith, but he had just enough faith to come to Jesus.

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