Rebounding and Lymphatic Support


Many of us have fun memories of jumping on trampolines as children and maybe as grown-ups, too. But did you know that a trampoline workout, aka rebounding, actually has many awesome health benefits? Especially for our lymphatic and immune systems.

For example, rebounding burns more calories than walking or running, works out our major muscle groups with full range motion, has low impact on joints, and actually detoxifies your cells WHILE you strengthen your body! Most of all – It’s FUN!

What is The Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune health! It consists of our tonsils, lymph nodes, lymphatic fluid, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, and vessels. Lymphatic fluid is responsible for aiding in the elimination of toxic waste from our body through mucus, sweat, urine, and liver bile which is carried out in bowel movements.

In our world today we are bombarded with toxins in our environment and our food. This is why supporting the detoxification process of our bodies is vital! A build up of toxins in our bodies wears down our immune system and eventual causes acidity, toxemia, and is a root cause of dis-ease.

There is about three times more lymphatic fluid in our bodies than blood but there’s no pump in the same way that our blood is pumped through our bodies! Muscle contractions in the body, aka exercise, encourage the lymphatic fluid to circulate. This promotes detoxification in our bodies.

Why Rebounding?

1. Improves Immune System Function Due To Lymph Flow

Rebounding increases lymph fluid circulation, which supports immune system health by producing greater white blood cell activity. The lymphatic valves are opened during a change in gravitational pull which results in an increase of the circulation of lymphatic fluid. The increase G-force that occurs while jumping causes a surge of lymphatic drainage. This improves circulation and helps detoxify and flush your entire system. (source)

2.  Easy on the Joints & Enhances Balance

Exercising on a trampoline increases G-force (gravitational load) which helps to evenly distribute pressure on the forehead, back, and ankle. While running, for example, the pressure is mostly placed on the ankles which can lead to more frequent injury. Therefore, switching to rebounding can naturally reduce joint pain and help avoid other common running injuries.

3. Strengthens Cells and Improves Cardiovascular Development

Rebounding provides amazing aerobic exercise benefits because it strengthens the heart. Oxygen uptake increases (compared to other exercise like running) because more oxygen can reach the cells due to the gravity changes that happen while bouncing. As Oxygen flow increases the cells strengthen and have greater endurance, which enables a much better workout for the same level of effort that running requires.

Where To Start

You don’t require a large trampoline in order to enjoy rebounding! There are small trampolines that are easy to store or move around.  Some even offer support bars, which may be helpful for beginners or the elderly. Not all rebounders are made equal so don’t go the cheaper route. Cheaper trampolines tend to malfunction or break which can cause injury. They can also lack the proper support to receive benefits.

Recommended trampolines based on my research:

Rebounding is a great low-impact exercise that is FUN and you can do it indoors or out! Just 15-20 per day burns calories, increases muscle strength, and enhances balance while supporting your immune system. Remember to drink lots of water too! Happy Rebounding!

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