The Difference Between Pure Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

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FACT: Not all oils are essential; and not all essential oils are created equal.

This article will help guide you and show you the difference between a fragrance versus an essential oil in hopes to help you always be sure that you’re getting a pure, undiluted essential oil. In many cases, fragrance oils have been processed to smell similar to essential oils, but fragrance oils do not retain the same properties and qualities as undiluted essential oils. To show you the difference between a synthetic oil that is merely fragrance and a pure essential oil, watch the video below.

It’s All In The Extraction

Young Living’s commitment to producing only quality oils begins with the choosing of the plant specimen. After the correct species of plant has been properly identified, grown, and harvested through a careful cultivation process, it is time to extract the oil from the plant. Next to choosing the right, high quality specimen, distilling is very important to producing a quality oil that maintains its therapeutic benefits. Rather than taking short cuts, Young Living

Here is a word from our founder, Gary Young, about why distilling is key to this process:

[quote cite=” Gary Young, Founder and President”]Many people can and do distill essential oils—but no one in the world has been doing it as long and with as many varieties as I have. Distilling this long gives a perspective that is necessary to innovation and creating new oils.[/quote]

Essential Oils are distilled, cold pressed or tappedEssential oils can be distilled in a variety of ways, but the most common method is steam distillation—a process that has been used for thousands of years. Following this proven technique, Young Living utilizes vaporized water that travels through the plant material to gently extract the natural oil. Once the steam passes through the plant material, the oil is carried with the steam through a series of stainless-steel pipes where it condenses and separates from the water. The water is then drained off and the remaining essential oil is taken to the Young Living laboratory for quality testing.

Young Living also uses cold pressing and resin tapping for certain essential oils. Since citrus oils contain delicate citrol molecules, cold pressing is the best way to extract the oils from these plants since steam would cause the oils to break down and become bitter. Fatty oils such as almond, coconut, jojoba and olive are also extracted using the cold pressing technique. Another method used by Young Living to extract essential oils is Resin Tapping. The plant is tapped expose the essential oil resin which is then collected and steamed to extract the oil. Oils such as Frankincense, Myrryh, and Copaiba essential oils are extracted using resin tapping.

Most fragrance oils do not go through the extraction process at all since the fragrance that you smell in those oils are chemically manufactured – some don’t even have any plant-based oils at all.


How the oils are packaged is also a sign of its quality. Pure essential oils should come in dark glass bottle, usually brown or blue. The reason the bottle is dark is because it helps block out sunlight and keep the oil at its natural potency and to prolong the oils shelf life. The powerful potency of many pure essential oils can wear down plastic containers. Oils that come in clear bottles or plastic containers are not pure grade essential oils.

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