Raw Foods & Vibrancy

It is true that you are what you eat. Our bodies are living organisms made of living cells that require raw, living foods to keep it at it’s optimum state. Our cells are continually replacing or recreating cells which is dependent on the quality of materials that we feed our bodies. For example, throughout life, every four weeks or so, the outer layer of our skin is replaced with new cells. In two months, almost every cell in our heart muscle is replaced. A year from now, every cell in our body would have been replaced. We can either speed the degeneration of our bodies or maintain it’s youthfulness and vitality by the quality of what we feed our cells. Quality materials begets a healthy, vibrant body but poor, low quality materials result in a weakening and sick body.

A living body requires living or raw foods. Raw foods will benefit you in many ways including:

  • Alkalinize your body. A diet predominantly made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable juices, sprouts seeds and nuts which are mostly alkaline will neutralise the acids. This allows the body to release fat cells as acid is stored in fat cells. If your body is slightly acidic, your body will hold on to fat cells as to protect the body.
  • It will hydrate you. Raw foods contain more water than cooked food. Being hydrated means that the enzymes can carry out metabolic function and it brings an ease for the assimilation of vitamins and minerals into our cells. This increase the cell function leading to a higher quality of health.
  • It provides quality protein and vitamins from raw plants. These are light energy found in the living cells of raw plant foods. This light energy aids in cellular communication and feeding the mitochondria and DNA. As we ingest these light energies from the plants, our energy vibration also increases. On the other hand, foods that have been cooked or processed have lower or negative raw energy which can also throw off the body’s system. Because of our body’s resilience, the negative effects of a diet high in cooked and processed foods may not be immediate but the long-term effects will be made manifest by depleted energy, strength and health in the later stages of life.
  • Greater strength, energy and stamina. An experiment conducted by Karl Elmer whereby top athletes in Germany were put on a raw food diet resulted in an improvement in their performance. Instead of feeling fatigued or sleepy after a meal of cooked food, raw food leaves you feeling energized.
  • Better mental alertness. Memory and concentration is sharper and you’re able to think more creatively and logically when you’re eating raw foods which are high in light energy.
  • Improved digestion due to enzymes being left intact in the raw foods. Raw foods have a high content of enzymes which helps in breaking down itself when ingested. When food is heated over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Enzymes helps to overcome digestive lethargy. When our food is lacking in enzymes, our body uses up it’s own reserves to break down the food which causes our digestive system to work harder. When we eat food in it’s raw and most natural state, the enzymes from the raw foods assists the body to flush out toxins and junk. Our enzyme reserves affect the vitality of our body.

How do we increase the raw foods in our diet? Aim to consume as much raw food as possible. Start by eating at least 50% raw foods and gradually increase it to 80% raw plant foods and 20% cooked foods. Drink freshly made vegetable juices and/ or smoothies. Have at least one raw meal a day and snack on raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw foods carry high energy fields. The more we eat of these life-giving, high energy foods the better our health and more vibrant we become.


Hi, I’m Pamela Adonis. I have a passion for health and fitness, more specifically in the area of plant based diet. I’ve been on the plant based diet since 1999 when God lead me to the Hallelujah Diet (http://www.myhdiet.com/) which resulted in me being healed from an eating disorder. The diet is based on Genesis 1:29 “Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” Follow me on Instagram @rawveganpam

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