Raised FREQUENCIES & DNA Upgrades for ALL This Christmas

Looking forward to seeing Divine Healing/WHOLENESS/UPGRADES/Education through frequencies? Looking to see massive shifts in people, patients, students, families, and practitioners? Would you join Dr. Sharnael in this Energy Revolution? Please share this post and help get this into the hands of Divine people, one deck or card at a time.

Tune into this free class with Dr. Sharnael on how to use crystal cards to upgrade your DNA technology and RAISE frequencies.

In this short informative class Dr. Sharnael shows:

  • How to use in your bio-field for educational uses and modalities
  • Why and how this works for the body
  • The neuroscience behind crystals, essential oils and frequencies

The Crystals, Oils & Decrees deck brings together all this wisdom for you to re-member and be empowered to experience shifts quickly, on your own and from your pocket!

The cards slip easy in your purse, under your pillow, in your kids back pack or lunch box for school, in your car etc.…each carry the frequency of the crystal without the weight of carrying a real crystal/rock.

Used for modalities, or merely flash cards for the curious. Also, helps us understand what we are buying crystal /oils and what we require. What we are drawn to, Why we are drawn to it!

Crystals/ Oils and Decrees Card Decks by Naturopath Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon make great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, check out the available wholesale pricing here.

Easy and Fun and POWERFULL

Crystal cards to upgrade your DNA technology and RAISE frequencies.

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