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I AM Love.

Newton’s first law states that “every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. …”

What is the “external force”? Only something we create and or allow and or magnetize in or to our field.

We can only manifest what we feel and or what we think on. We can only draw in what we are.

When I read Newton’s first law,
“every object will remain at rest…unless compelled to change its state….”

I think about our choice to stay or remain in Rest, no matter the genetic DNA “pattern/program” or external force or forces we consciously or unconscious create and “walk out.”

In Him and in Rest, we remain if we choose. It’s only by compulsion or choice that we engage in split energy. By choice unconsciously or consciously we participate in our good and “bad” creations.

Only by conscious awakened choice can we choose Rest over chaos or stress….Love over fear.

Or we can choose to permanently stay. in. Love.

In Him, Psalms 91, we are untouchable. In Him , Psalms 91, we remain hidden and unaffected by external energy.

We only see Love. We only notice Love. We are Love and our Love stays.

Even if our hidden unconscious fear creates external forces in attempts to split and shift our own path (self sabotage) ….we can choose to stay in Rest untouchable in Psalms 91 …a single eye.

Ha! We test ourselves?

And even if “outside” external forces come to pursue and persuade. In Him nothing is allowed if Love is our only match frequency.

Even if our what may seem “compulsive or compelling” inner DNA genetic conscious or unconscious patterns that arise?

In Choosing Love, In Him, in Rest, the energy of chaos cannot find us. And as it looks for access to plug in to stay alive? There is no opening, no access, no weak link.

Like a flat wall with no socket. The plug, the cord, and the energy moves on looking for a place to land, to connect, to plug in, and stay alive.

It requires energy to live and breathe.

In Him, we can choose Rest and Love.

In fact, in Him we ARE Love. We are the External Force! We are Love that compels OTHERS to change their state to RE-Member FULL Love.

In Light we ARE Light. In Love we ARE Love.

We are transformers. We are converters.

Newton’s third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In Him, we stay Love, shifting anything that isn’t. In Him, we stay Love empowering and reinforcing everything already Loved. (Which is everything and everybody .)

I AM Love.
I was born in Love.
I AM born again and again and Again in Love.
Moment to moment.
In Love I was created and I Am continuously created and creating moment to moment IN Love .

I came FROM Love…

IN Love…

TO Love…

FOR Love.

As I Love, I AM Loved.
As I Re-member Love,
Others Re-member Love.
As I Love,
And I Love what I do.

As I Love and Remain
In Love and in Rest
I compel and ignite others Love.

As I Love and stay in Love,
Love can never be lost
Because I AM.

If I look for Love,
I will always look for Love.
Because Love cannot be found externally.
Love is within.
Love is a choice.
Again and again…
I AM Love.

I have always been Love.
My pre-existing condition was Love.
And my current state is Love.

Anything less than Love
Misses the mark
Anything less than Love is sin.

All Dis-Ease is forgotten Love
All healing is Love restored and remembered .

Love is the highest Law
The highest Call
Love is The Door
The Map
The Way
Love is the Code
Love is the Source

Love is Pure.

Love is Here.

Remember Love

If I look for Love
I will always look for Love
Because “looking for Love”
Is word purgatory.
Robert Tennyson Stevens, my teacher and friend has taught me conscious language.
Any “ing” words I call purgatory words leaving the creation in a hold pattern .

Trying. Hoping. Getting.
All in process with no end or attainment.

Looking for Love means always looking for Love and never attaining or finding it.

Looking for Love is separation. God is Love. So looking for Love means you are without God or separate from God.
Not true.

When I “See” Love.
And I AM Love.
Or I Re-member Love.
Then I always have Love.
Because I AM.

This is True.
I AM True.

The Word who is God
Who IS Love became flesh and the The Word still becomes flesh now today.

If I look for Love
I’ll always look for Love because Love cannot be found externally.
Love is within.
I AM Love.
Love is a choice
Again and again
I AM Love.
And. I. Stay.

Yes, Love is a noun.
Because Love is a Person.
In me, to me, through me.
Around me.
I AM Love.
And Love is Me.

Love is a verb.
Because Love is an action
In me, through me, to me
Around me.
In Motion.
I AM Love in action.

See Love.
Re-Member Love.
Feel Love.
Do Love.
Create Love.
Be Love.

Quantum Love

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