(Pre-Order) Crystals, Essential Oils & Decrees Card Deck

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?Curious about how crystals, essential oils and decrees work together for your highest frequency and support ? Our Creator is the biggest scientist of ALL and had us in mind creating these for us !

Crystals, essential oils and decrees carry frequency and hold it ! High Frequency is awesome support to the body!

Get these amazing cards while simultaneously educating yourself and raising your vibration at the same time !

This Card Deck has 80 stunning cards pairing a unique crystal with 4 hand-selected companion essential oils that amplify the power of that crystal. Maximize the high vibes with each perfectly crafted decree.

These are ONE of kind cards help you:

  • Support the body
  • Raise vibrations
  • Pair oils with crystals


Order now! Pre-order your SALE price today ! The first 50 orders get the sale price $29.99!! Don’t wait ! ⏰

??????  https://swiftfire.org/crystal-cards

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⚡ enjoy and share with friends you know choose to activate the power of crystals, essential oils and decrees!

Get the Crystal, Essential Oils and Decrees Card Deck ON Pre-SALE Now

✅Start now ! Click below to Pre-Order Now ! The first 50 will get the sale price ! $29.99

We also have wholesale prices at min 10 decks (please email Brian@swiftfire.org for more info on these prices)

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