Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Buses, Boats, and Helicopters

So I’ll be real as usual and talk about this. We all know I have traveled quite extensively over the last 19 years for my job.

This last trip was honestly my longest and most rigorous. (Except the time in 2012 when I went to Ireland and Scotland, then Ecuador, and ended up having to stay a few weeks there in the hospital unexpectedly being treated for black mold.)

We traveled from USA, to South Korea, France, to 4 areas in Australia (Australia is a huge place y’all, we had charter planes twice and 2 commercial flights to get across from Sydney to Brisbane, to the Gold Coast, to Darwin, to Sydney again!) Then on to Singapore, to the United Kingdom, to the USA again. Yes, 7 continents jumps total, although 5 different ones we visited and jumped back and forth to 7 in 2 weeks!

The scenery is amazing. The idea of seeing these places up front in person….so surreal.

The trip was with my colleagues in Young Living, both friends and strangers who became friends very quickly. Sweet.

As amazing as it was at one point after 4 continents in 4 days, I said to Brian in awe, “Wow, it literally feels like we are on the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”

His response was quick, “No, it feels like we are on the Amazing Race!”

Yeah. True. Big difference.

I have to admit the 20-30 hour flights at times (yes those hours in a row!!!) were often packed full of free movies or very uncomfortable sleeping as distractions… and here’s the part I’m about to confess – a few times, literally on the inside, I could see myself having a freak out panic attack!

Jumping up out of my window seat. Climbing over 2-3 people, trays of food, blankets, and wires connected to earphones and iphones, stepping on backpacks and purses, or whatever in my way breaking free to the isle. Then shouting out screaming, “OK! Enough!!!! Land the plane I just need to touch the ground and have some S P A C E. Like. Now. ? ”

I didn’t do it.

Not on the outside anyway.

But honest to God, in my mind I sure did – several, several times. I’m not even sure what that’s called? Claustrophobia or just N O R M A L?

Anyway, when I did feel that way I quickly took deep breaths, concentrated on my breathing , used a LOT of oils! I mean A LOT … and often either got up to stretch (with great discipline ….peacefully and quietly) or watched another movie to distract my thoughts!

Um yeah, 14 in all plus the entire Veeps Season 5.

I dunno if any of you have experienced this whether on a plane in the air or in other random places actually touching the Earth but yeah…. am I the only one? Can anyone relate?

Well, on top of this nuisance and the fact that I was so tired at times jumping times zones and getting only 2-3 hours sleep (sitting up!) I also lost some items.

Those of you who have children may relate, remember first 3-4 weeks after having your baby? Night was day, day was night.

You couldn’t even remember your name, you had to Google what day of the week it was for a while there. It was like being sucked into another matrix worm hole. No showers, wore the same pjs 3 days in a row minimum.

Yeah, go there, except be on different continents and have to be responsible for stuff. Like items you carry.

I lost my soft fluffy Grizz blanket twice, my water bottle…. yeah the Young Living Hydrogize 300pv one?  and my young living travel pillow that I got in France from 2014. (Not replaceable)

Thank God I got my blanket and bottle back but Geez. Can you say SPACED OUT?

Anyway, despite these things, we obviously had an amazing time and created memories and bonding relationships that I wouldn’t trade EVER.

Often times, I literally pinch myself and stand in awe that God let me have this career! I get to change lives daily! I get to spread love and light daily! I get to ignite divine health and beautiful  transformation daily. And I get to do it all over the world!

And all of you can do the same.

Here are some pictures from the trip! I hope you enjoy and hope to have you join me in this cause soon….. it’s a world wide cause waiting for you!???

I love you.❤
Dr. Sharnael

P.S. ThankFULL for oils, compression socks, dry shampoo, Nitro, Ningxia red, enzymes, vitamins, and friends. #justsaying


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