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I wasn’t a fan of network marketing, I hadn’t seen it done well and not only was I not a fan, I was opposed to it! I bought this kit of oils almost 10 years ago to use as a tool for wellness in our family.

The oils worked, I told friends and begin to see the potential and fell in love with a business model and a company that could be the vehicle to the freedom we’d dreamed of.

This has broadened my ministry of church to a whole world !

I jumped in and haven’t looked back. Unlike many people think (as we did), network marketing isn’t about getting rich fast, it isn’t something you “get lucky” in, it requires lots of work and self discipline to build a business without a “boss” telling you what to do.

My only regret is NOT. STARTING. SOONER! #GetThatKit! Go to NOW and get yours today #1090401 is my number.

Not only have they completely turned my health around, improved my wellbeing, given me the strength , knowledge to advocate for my health , changed my career path entirely….they’ve led me into friendships that have changed the course of my entire life.

I’m thankful everyday that I wake up + get to live my best life, helping people, learning + growing + getting paid to jump outta bed with excitement to work on the daily…but this week was an extra special one. I literally cannot believe that this is my life. my job. these are my people. this is all my reality.

We have the most incredible leaders who’ve also built teams of people who’ve influenced almost 15,000 families across the world in 44 countries with health and wellness. We have families who’ve discovered financial freedom and Moms who’ve found purposes and abundance in a home based business.

I’m so incredibly proud of these people, our people, our tribe. I work with ladies and men each day who have big dreams and aren’t willing to settle for normal.



Now….This ?? retreat………… ? ?????? Wow !!! Next level! I’m just amazed at the honor we’ve felt……

YL gives us the opportunity to chase FREEDOM (time + financial + health freedom) and then you turn around and bless us for the chase. ?

Literally: AMAZING! I pinch myself that this is my job and my life !

I am so honored to be here. The message of wellness, purpose and abundance is deep seeded in our hearts. Gary’s legacy goes on and will be perpetuated by us because he’s created product lovers out of us, he’s created dreamers out of us, he’s created a movement out of us…. and I’m sure I speak for the others who are involved in Young Living when I say: THANK YOU! I’M ALL IN.

Now it’s your time! Get started now! Get the Kit! Who is with me? Come on SPAIN ?? next year!

Don’t discount your dreams! Go chase them! Make your dreams a reality, you deserve it!

O m g ???? When John Mayer crashes our Diamond dinner, Y’all!!!?????

Private Concert!! He just said he quit drinking …He said, “I went from drinking to huffing….Oils.” #yldiamonds18

Private intimate concert just for us!!


Purchase Your Essential Oils

Set up your Young Living essential oils membership account! Go to NOW and get yours today #1090401 is my number.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit is an extraordinary value that offers a comprehensive introduction to essential oils, and includes 10 of our most versatile oils, an essential oils usage guide as well as samples you can use when you travel, at work or share with a friend. If you are new to essential oils, this kit is designed to give you several oils to use in a 1-2 month supply – perfect for sampling, testing and trying your own blends.

Wholesale pricing with the PREMIUM kit for Young Living Pure Essential Oils is available to anyone who joins our Swiftfire Young Living team.

Similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, as a member of our team you will enjoy:

Saving 24% percent off retail prices for one year and membership will continue as long as you place an order of $50 or more per year.

*Please note some oils in the kit may be substituted depending on supply.

10 Essential Oils in Your Premium Kit (valued at $220.00 retail)
FREE Consultation (valued at $177.00)
FREE Home Diffuser (valued at $97.00 LIMITED TIME)
FREE Personal Wellness/Coach/Practitioner FOR ONE YEAR
FREE On going support via phone, social media, and/or email
FREE Monthly Classes via Teleconference
FREE $15,000 worth of recorded classes by leading experts in the fields of Health and Aromatherapy
(This is only available to #teamswiftfire members)
FREE Private Support Group Meetings via Social Media
FREE Stress Away Essential Oil (valued at $31.02)
FREE AromaGlide Roller Fitment
FREE Two Lavender Sample Packets
FREE Two Peppermint Sample Packets
FREE Two Lemon Sample Packets
FREE Two Thieves Sample Packets
FREE Two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples
FREE Sample Packet Business Cards
FREE Welcome Packet from Coach through Swiftfire
FREE Product Guide and Product Price List
Buy what you choose, when you choose

No obligation to sell anything, ever! or buy anything again ever.
No annual fee.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $160.00 plus shipping tax

Go to NOW and get yours today #1090401 is my number.


Exciting news! My daughter Shaen Wolverton  just officially launched her coaching packages!

AND She is offering 10% off through Thursday, May 3rd 2018!

She’s been coaching online and in person for quite a while. Her coaching includes nutrition, exercise, and custom Young Living support!

She has both 2 week and 4 week programs that are very affordable !

Ready for your beach body ?

Check it out and check out her Instagram ! @shaenwolverton she’s kinda a big deal ??

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