Join Dr. Sharnael & Ian Clayton at the Mobilizing Light Event

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Sharnael Wolverton Ministry Event

Anyone with a longing to dig deep into the Kingdom realm and the mysteries in the Word of God is welcome to join us!
Beware! You may possibly go away with your belief system challenged!

Powerful word right? There’s more where that came from! Join us LIVE in Walker, Louisana, September 24 – 26 and Ian Clayton and Dr. Sharnael help you tap into who you really are so that you can experience ALL that God has for you.
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Ian Clayton and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton are mandated to teach other Sons of God to access their God Given right to the FATHER’S KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and HIS MULTIVERSE just as Yeshua and HIS DISCIPLES did in the Bible’s New Testament.

Our life in HEAVEN is more lasting and real than anything here. You and I are establishing our DNA and our agreed to assignment from the WAS WAS, before we were in the womb. It’s time to truly assume our responsibility in our FATHER’S Kingdom in HEAVEN first and here on Earth, then the Multiverse.

More About Ian Clayton’s Message

For 24 years Ian has pursued and desired the reality of a relationship, “To know God and be known by Him”. his type of intimacy has lead to a deeper insatiable desire to uncover more of who God is and to know more about his realm and Kingdom, often revealing Gods desire for us to walk on the ancient paths with Him and experience life with Him in His Kingdom and realm.

Ian believes that this type of lifestyle alone will empower us to be able to touch a broken and desperate world that needs to see the reality of the supernatural realms of Heaven and the return of the Sons of the Kingdom to their rightful place as heirs.

Register Today for this Life-Changing Event!

Friends, we are expecting over 200 people to come and experience breakthrough, healing, direction and inspired revelation from God. Will you be there?
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