My Peeps

Dr. Sharnael works with Wellness Centers and those in the fields of Natural Health and Consciousness globally.

Here are some of her special partnerships you may be interested in.

D. Gary Young

d.gary young
d gary young dr sharnael swiftfire

Dr. Sharnael has traveled the globe with D. Gary Young for over a decade including places like Oman, Dubai, Australia, France, New Zealand, Canada, Ecuador, Europe and all through the USA including Hawaii, Alaska researching and educating on the topic of quality essential oils and divine health.

Robert Tennyson Stevens

Mastery Systems Brevard, NC

robert stevens1
robert stevens

Conscious Language The Logos of Now

Mastery Systems Brevard, NC

Dr. Thomas Lucky MD

Flowood Lifestyle Wellness Clinic Flowood, MS

dr thomas lucky

People travel worldwide for his unconventional and very successful expertise and services.

Dr. David Stewart Ph.D. DMN

Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

dr david stewart dr sharnael swiftfire

Dr. Sharnael has partnered with Dr. David Stewart for over a decade regarding education in essential oils and raindrop certification.

Jeanette Cheney, Director

Wellness Education Center of Kalispell, MT

director jeanette cheney
wellness education center a healing ministry kalispell mt

Guided Juice Fasts
* Wellness Consultations
* Food Prep & Healthy Living Classes
​ * Essential Oils
* Emotional Release

Gentle Chiropractic
* Nutrition Education
* Thermography
* Massage
* Raindrop Therapy
* Colon Hydrotherapy
* Detox Foot Spa
* Hypnotherapy
* Quantum Biofeedback
* BioMat Therapy