This is what’s going on and why so much confusion etc! Please be aware of your thoughts and feelings/nervous system right now! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 it’s NOT you! Tune in to this Swiftfire True TV episode on Ai AGENDA, Voice of God Technology, NANO and more with Dr. Sharnael, James Gilliland, Peter Slattery and Mary Rodwell.


This can be and IS used Remote with 5g can be used in shopping area , airports , any public /or private place! Even IN and through own home through your television , computer , or phone and other devices . Alert 🚨 If you are receiving strange ideas or “relief” in choosing to do something you may not have thought you would previous ….

DISRUPTION OF THOUGHT FREEDOM BY ‘VOICE-TO-SKULL’ (‘V2K’): This patented technology is also known as ‘Microwave Hearing’ / ‘Synthetic Telepathy’ / ‘Voice-of-God weapon’ and is being used for traceless mental harassment. When the brain reaches the 2.5Hz, it is vulnerable to implantation of ideas and suggestions for behavioral modification. Last night on our panel We discuss the Voice of God technology and Skull to brain technology .

PLEASE BE AWARE you may be under a targeted message ! These are Literal SPELLS! 🔮⚡️🚨Many reports of people doing strange things that are unfixable … as well as thoughts and or feelings of “depression” “hopelessness “ suicidal thoughts , thoughts to take the jab , or to give up ! Voices telling them “it’s ok “ and “harmless” These are not your thoughts !

Be AWARE!! DISRUPTION OF THOUGHT FREEDOM BY ‘VOICE-TO-SKULL’ (‘V2K’): This patented technology is also known as ‘Microwave Hearing’ / ‘Synthetic Telepathy’ / ‘Voice-of-God weapon’ and is being used for traceless mental harassment.

Using this, the harassers beam-in abusive voices directly into skulls of the Targeted Individuals by-passing their ears. Harassers interrupt and censor the victims’ normal thinking when travelling anywhere in society by beaming in abusive voices into the victim’s head constantly – hence spoiling work-tasks completion.

(Victims also get wrongly labeled as mentally-ill when reporting about this, not many are aware about novel neuro/electromagnetic/bio weapons and its capabilities) V2K is also used for Deception (causing confusion by beaming voices inside skull in-between talks when TI is talking to other people) and Impersonation of voices of close persons (whenever close persons are talking to TIs, these perpetrators intertwine their own voices along with the close persons voices by a technology named ‘EEG Heterodyning’)


Below are just a few images , links and patents! Please look for yourself ! (Click on the Image to scroll, it’s a gallery)

Patent us5289438…/us52891498389102108950314-05289438 (…

Method for Incorporating Brain Wave Entrainment into Sound Production – US7674244 – Inventor, Adam Hewett – Assignee, Transparent Corp. (VitrePixel Holdings LLC). A method for incorporating brain wave entrainment into an audio composition by selectively modulating musical elements within the composition. The invention provides a way to specify and modulate individual frequency components in an audio composition, according to the desired brain wave state, allowing brain wave entrainment to be easily and subtly incorporated into an audio composition by disguising the modulations as natural instrumental qualities such as vibrato orreverberation.

Patent US7674224

1499068496943012115-07674224 (

Method & Apparatus for Generating Subliminal Messages – US4616261 – Inventors, James R. Crawford, Jerald L. Winegeart & Michael H. Erb – Assignee, Stimutech Inc. A system for generating a subliminal message during the display of a normal television program on a television receiver utilizes a personal computer to generate an RF carrier modulated with video signals encoding the subliminal message. The computer runs under the control of an application program which stores the subliminal message and also controls the computer to cause it to generate timing signals that are provided to a single pole double-throw switch. The source of the normal television program and the video output of the computer are connected to the two switch inputs and the switch output is connected to the television receiver antenna system. The timing signals cause the switch to normally display the conventional television program and to periodically switch to the computer output to generate the subliminal message. The video output of the computer includes horizontal and vertical synchronizing signals which are of substantially the same frequency as the synchronizing signals incorporated within the normal program source but of an arbitrary phase .

Patent US4616261

https://fightingmonarch.files.wordpr1499073925012280000-04616261 (

Method & System for Altering Consciousness – US5123899 – Inventor & Assignee, James Gall. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. The relationship between the frequencies of the several stimuli is exhibited by the equation

Patent US5123899…/us7811234…

Patent 7811234

1498380718735048235-07811234 (

Auditory Subliminal Message & Method – US4395600 – Inventors, Rene R. Lundy & David R. Tyler – Assignee, Proactive Systems, Inc. Ambient audio signals from the customer shopping area within a store are sensed and fed to a signal processing circuit that produces a control signal which varies with variations in the amplitude of the sensed audio signals. A control circuit adjusts the amplitude of an auditory subliminal anti-shoplifting message to increase with increasing amplitudes of sensed audio signals and decrease with decreasing amplitudes of sensed audio signals. This amplitude controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music and transmitted to the shopping area.

Link…/will-dod-deploy-a–‘Heat Ray’ And ‘The Voice Of God’: My Experience With The Nonlethal Weapons Eyed For Use In D.C. Protests (

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