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I never thought I would be a writer and now God has helped me publish 3 books! And I am currently working on 4 and 5 NOW!

Who would have thought that someone with all the challenges I have with letters and numbers that I could accomplish such FEATS!??

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? If God would help you write ONE BOOK!

What would you call it? And what would it be about???

Most enthusiastic comment gets a copy of one of my books FREE!!!!!

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and dreams on this:)

Dr. Sharnael

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  • Erika

    I have an idea for a book, but I’ve haven’t written one before…it almost seems too good to be true. It would be a book that inspires people to dream and believe. It would teach people to believe that their words are powerful and they can achieve the impossible. It only takes a faith the size of a mustard seed…

  • Yemi Bademosi

    Once a person gives His life to Jesus, he/she begins a personal relationship with The Lord. However, when we look at our lives, most Christians do not have a visible proof that we have risen with Jesus and are sitted with Him in Heavenly Places. I would like to learn, and then write a book called “Bringing the Reality of Heaven to Earth”. Now that we know that Heaven is Real, we need to also know the Heaven on Earth can be Just as real.

  • Michelle

    If God could help me to write a book, it would definately be my testimony! God is an amazing, all powerful God, and I know from the things that He’s brought me through, & is in the process of bringing me through, that He can do the impossible…there is nothing that is too difficult for Him.. I would like to write a book someday to help people who have been where I’ve been to never give up hope. I want to encourage women from all walks of life that no matter where they’re at in life, or how far they’ve fallen, that there is a God out there who loves them & wants to minster to their every need- from the largest, to even the minutest of details in there lives. I want to introduce the hurting, downcast, downtrodden, weary, sinner, & outcast to my Jesus, who loves them as much as He loves me, & is more than willing & able to take broken vessels & make all things new. He makes all things beautiful in His time, Amen!

  • Keira

    If God could help me write a book, it would be about intuition and destiny. How He gives us our intuition and expects us to USE it!!!About how we each have chosen our destiny before we are even born and how life is remembering what it was and then having the faith and courage and guts to follow through with it. And then ultimately that each of us is here to simply learn how to love…and it is just that simple ….and it would be about learning to take your own good advice and not waste time and energy trying to get others to do what you are here to do yourself. It would be all about guts I guess 🙂

  • Sherry

    I would write a book named They Just Came From Heaven. It would be all about when children are born and an atmosphere of belief concerning the supernatual is cultivated around them that they can grow quickly in relationship with God. They can develop discernment and be taught to walk in the spirit by having their senses trained. I have learned this through walking with my own grandsons. God has great plans for this generation and we need to get busy cooperating with heaven’s plans for them.

  • Suzanne Shotwell

    If the Lord desired for me to write a book…it would be “The Power of Praise: Lift God Up and He lifts Us too!”

  • David Prichard

    I am GOING to write a book – and I will emphasize that we are ALL just CHILDREN with little human pea brains compared to the VASTNESS of God. I want to explain the Biblical concept of Salvation of the soul from a Hebrew Roots perspective and challenge various assumptions that Western Christianity holds to which are only ONE FACET of what the Bible teaches. We have been taught to call our English translations “God’s Word” – which is good and respectful – but then when broad, multi-faceted concepts get translated into black-and-white English terms, we are told “that is what the Bible says!” And there is SO MUCH MORE…that we have only just scratched the surface on!

  • kimberly

    The title of my book would be “White socks to Freedom”. My story (what I could recall) raising our nine children on a single shoestring income. It was a challenge for sure, but I actually miss all the activity. White socks means that when the washer or dryer eats a sock you still have a matching pair..

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