I Love My Liver Class & Support Group!

Register Now for I LOVE MY LIVER CLASS and Support Group from your own home, computer, or phone!!

Join Dr. Sharnael for this awesome opportunity! Jump start ENERGY, METABOLISM, weight support, support healthy rest, lower cholesterol, BALANCE HORMONES, support thyroid and adrenals ….Slique or not ….this is for u! Start your 2017!

Liver and Gallstones……Everybody has them, but nobody knows!

Gallstones severely disrupt the performance of the liver, which has over 500 functions —which is why doing a flush is one of the most important things you could ever do for your health. Cleaning your liver can add years to your life, reverse or slow down the aging process, and heal your body on a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

Many people who have done a series of these flushes see remarkable changes in all areas of their health, some even being healed of stubborn illnesses that they lived with for years!

This investment is not only for a video on the importance of a liver cleanse! You will also be placed in a Facebook support group with others where I will provide more articles to provide more benefits, the list of items needed to do this, images, and support, a copy of the steps to do this, and answer your questions. This is an opportunity to be among a group of other people who are interested in the topic and have accountability of the group to actually do it WITH others! AS ONE!

-Once you make your purchase go to @drsharnael Facebook page and friend request me, ( yes you must have a valid Facebook account to be a part of this group) within 48 hours you will be added to my private group containing the video of the class and the assortment of materials to support you:)

-I will be supporting this group until Feb 1, 2017 and I will only take a minimum group of people to keep it fun easy and intimate….this way you have plenty of time for help from the doc:)

Way easier and more cost effective than surgery or PAINNNNN!


I am so excited about this and pray you are too!

I vote your victory to divine health!:)

Dr. Sharnael

*******This class and membership is a private FB group and all the info within the group is private and not to be share with anyone. This is for you ONLY. Anyone who violates this will be removed.

******** There are no refunds, exchanges, or transfers

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Why is America counted as one of the sickest nations in the world? Why are Americans in a continual struggle with their weight? Who stands to gain from these issues? “Living Balanced” reveals the source of most ailments that run rapid in the United States today and can help you to avoid them. Author Stacey Kimbrell exposes the terror in our grocery stores. The Standard American Diet of prepackaged foods containing chemical toxins can have long-term effects on your health. These products, with their manmade ingredients, have now crossed borders and citizens of other nations have begun to experience heath issues similar to Americans. What you don’t know will hurt you. This reference guide is designed to assist you through your daily life as you make positive changes to improve your health and well-being. You will learn what toxic chemicals are in your foods, cleaners, and skin-care products and how to replace those products with non-toxic substitutes. Readers are giving step-by-step instruction for making homemade safe and inexpensive nontoxic cleaning products. “Living Balanced” will also explain ways to clear existing toxins and Candida from your body, provide ways to balance your pH levels, and assist you in working towards a healthier body and lifestyle. Better health starts with making wise decisions that lead to a balance life.

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