I Am, I Can, I Will!

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who is my Strength now and always.  I Am, I Can, I Will!

Remember the same Strength in Him that refused temptation from the enemy in the wilderness, the same Strength that raised Lazarus from the grave, the same Strength that healed the sick, the same Strength that put up with the Pharisees and Judas, the same Strength that withstood the pain of Calvary and the same Strength that Ascended from the grave… This is the Strength in me and you. Selah

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New LIVE Event with Dr. Sharnael with guests, Big Al Schreiter and Lane Jones

Social Media Leadership: How to Lead Yourself, Your Business/Ministry and Your Team by Leveraging Social Media as a Business-Building Tool

These skills can be used for ANY Biz Church or Ministry…

Who should come to this workshop? Pastors, Church Staff, Biz Leaders, An Biz Owner or Staff, Home Biz or Box Biz…this is for you!

In the live HANDS ON social media sessions, we will show you the importance of using social media as you step into a leadership role in your business, Ministry or Church. Your members and your team are counting on you to be relevant, accessible and “follow-able.” We are going to show you how to use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your Smartphone to build your business so it supports your lifestyle and allows you to connect with your clients and members.

This Event is no longer available.

Did You Know Essential Oils Can Support Peace and Wellness?

The nature of pure essential oils are good for the mind, body and spiritual awareness. Learn how you can bring the power of essential oils into your home.

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