I Am Here

Comforting to know God is ALWAYS present. We can allow His in dwelling be fully present in us and through us. I Am Here.
When we chose to allow Him to be fully present and we choose to be fully present with Him….there is co-creating miraculous power. We ARE PRE-Sent to do the miraculous HERE FULLY.

Like and Share as you awaken to His Presence and remember you are present… Say I AM Here now and always in Love in God Fully.

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Thy Kingdom Come, Live Event with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton & Lance Wallnau: REGISTER NOW

Kingdom Come Event with Lance Wallnau Sharnael Wolverton

Join me as I host Dr. Lance Wallnau, Saturday, January 30 in Walker, Louisiana. We’ll be sharing about leadership and kingdom authority. This year’s message is an important one: The Shift Has Come

In light of all that is happening around the world economically, socially, and globally, it’s time for emerging leaders to take their place. Old paradigms are colliding and new ones are emerging instead. Now!

You don’t want to miss this event!


Did You Know Essential Oils Can Bring Clarity and Help You Stay Focused?

The nature of pure essential oils are good for the mind, body and spiritual awareness. Learn how you can bring the power of essential oils into your home.

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