I AM Comfort! I AM Secure!

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Decree for today: I AM Comfort! ❤️ I AM Secure!

Love you all dearly and heavy heart with all of you writing this.

Losing anyone you love is so tough.
Leaves a mass space in this world without their presence here. I choose to remember their deposit in our hearts and lives. Their deposit will never ever ever die.

No matter any distraction, no matter any unclarity. These deposits of our loved ones live in my heart and our hearts eternally and I am blessed for these gifts of love.

My heart felt prayers are with you all walking out ANY epic loss today. May God Himself bring full comfort to you now.

Eternally grateful.

With all my love,

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  1. Hi, I an Carol Mosolf, a grateful child of of the most gig God. I asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord in Feb. 1977. He saved me from alcoholism and all the junk that goes with it, including suicide attemps. My friend Dyana took me to her (hand raising, tongue talking church) I thought it was strange but I loved the message and the music. I grew spiritually because Dyana took me there every Sun morning and eve, we’d eve and Thurs to Bible study. I renewed my mine and heart. But I had some big challenges in my faith and I am sorry to say I failed to the point that anxiety and doubt, led me back to the bottle for comfort and escape. (This was after 17 yrs sober.) In my home church I was saved in, I did ot learn that the soul was the mind, emotions and will. This awakening came after we moved to NM. That is a long story of God’s provision. While in Clovis NM I met Sherri Wilson. She started teaching on Young Living oils just before we moved to Fort Wayne, IN. Another wonderful story of our awesome God’s provision. We (my 2nd husband Dennis and I) have always struggled financially. I was not able to sign up w/ Sherri until we moved her to FW, IN that is when I found out I had already been in YL since the early 70’s during my 1st marriage. So, anyway I signed up with Sherri but was not able to keep up buying the oils, financial problems and they did not seem to help…well, some did.
    I’m sorry this is taking so long. I think I am still trying to decide whether to try to continue with the oils or not. Frankly, I need them to regain health in my spirit, soul and body. But I lack the wisdom to know if this is the right choice because it will be a financial challenge. I was taught the principle of multiple streets of income while in NM. I have tried Shaklee, YL oils and now Uncorked. But I have trouble maintaining consistancy. I am not a natural born salesman. I have not made much money. Mostly I supply myself until our budget is overtaxed and I have to quit.
    In NM a friend introduced me to the teachings of Lance Wallnau. (I learned a lot from many good ministries our 3 yrs in the desert. ) I listened to Lance on you business call and took lots of notes. Parts of all 3 streets have helped me and I would like to keep up all 3 but lack the finances and the wisdom to do it, if I had the finances.
    That’s where you come in. Are there some oils that would help me think better so that I can learn and remember what I learn…then have the confidence to go forward and use what I learn? I am 65 yrs old and tried lots of things. I just want to be able to hear or sense the Holy Spirit’s guidence and follow His instructions. Do you have specific oils or books that can help me? Thank you for listening. Your sister on the Lord, Carol Mosolf

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