I can do all things through Jesus Christ who is my Strength now and always. I AM, I CAN and I WILL!

Remember the same Strength in Him that refused temptation for the enemy in the wilderness, the same strength that raised Lazarus from the grave, the same Strength that healed the sick, the same Strength that put up with the Pharisees and Judas, the same Strength that withstood the pain of Calvary and the same Strength that Ascended from the grave… This is the Strength in me and you. Selah

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Oils of the Bible with Dr. David Stewart & Dr. Sharnael Wolverton (March 16)

Dr Stewart ClassAncient civilizations understood the health properties and benefits of essential oils and regarded them as highly prized possessions. Science has since confirmed these ancient treasures to be valid and useful for modern day living.

Come and learn as we open the scriptures to show us where these amazing treasures were used in biblical times in worship, healing and skin care and how they’ve recently been rediscovered, investigated and proven effective. You’ll have opportunities to experience a variety of essential oils.




Did You Know Essential Oils Can Support Your Lifestyle of Wellness?

The nature of pure essential oils are good for the mind, body and spiritual awareness. Learn how you can bring the power of essential oils into your home.

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