21 “I AM” Statements to Declare Over Yourself Using Essential Oils

But first, a few miracles…

3 Undeniable Miracles I Experienced From Declaring: “I AM”

God, I Am is all that you need. Declare “I AM” to reconnect and realign with al that you are in Him.
As I was heading to Montana during the beginning of the fall season, there are some unusual things that happened that I can only explain as miracles.

The first miracle happens the day before my trip to Montana. I had some wrist weights that I use when I’m working out, and this particular day I went to get them, and I could not find them. I looked for 3 days and could not find the weights. Finally after the 3 days, I said, “Lord, please show me where I left these weights.” Sure enough, I saw myself the last time I was at the gym setting the weights down to weigh myself. I remembered where I left them after I stopped looking and started asking. So I called the gym and they confirmed that yes, I had left the weights there, but after a few days, someone else had taken them and no one had turned them into lost and found. The person who I was talking with kept putting me on hold and said she would look for them but thought someone had taken them and asked for me to leave my number so they could contact me in case someone brings them back. I left it alone and decide to go online and find the same weights only to find the company that makes them is no longer in business. The next best option were too bulky and not what I was looking for. So I started to think I had lost those wrist weights for good.

Well the next day comes and it’s time for us to leave for our flight (4:00 the next morning) and I decided to make up the bed before we left. I go to the bed, pull the sheets back and guess what is sitting neatly on the bed right where I had been sitting earlier…My wrist weights!! I’m telling you those weights were not there before! Even the person at the gym told me she saw me leave them there. God manifested my weights back to me.

The next week we come home and we hosted an event with Ian Clayton. Now the last time we were with Ian, our daughter who was 10 at the time was selling chocolates for a fundraiser. And a blessing to her, Ian gave her $60 to buy the rest of the chocolates. My daughter is excited because she had never had $60 in her hand at one time. The event was over and I see my daughter is crying. It turns out she was so excited about having the $60 only to have lost her wallet. We took over 30 minutes to look for the wallet and everyone was waiting for us to leave the event, but we had to look for her wallet. We couldn’t find it, left our name with the event venue and I tried to console my daughter because she was so upset from losing her wallet.

In my attempt to comfort her, I told her, look don’t worry. Everything will be alright. The wallet is probably on my bed just like my wrist weights were. Everything will be okay, if we don’t find it, I’ll give you $60. We decided to go ahead and leave to go home. When we get there, my daughter believed what I said “It’s probably on my bed,” and immediately went to my bed to look for her wallet. When it wasn’t there, she went to her room to check her bed. When she came back shouting “I found it! It was on my bed just like you said!” Even I could hardly believe it. We all saw her with her wallet at the event, and now it appears on her bed.

One more…I know, this is hard to believe, right? A few days after this, a lady calls me and leaves a message to say that she met me at Nashville last week. I had given her my information to contact me and she called me. She told me she a wellness question. She told me that I was at Ian Clayton’s meeting and I know I wasn’t. She insisted that I was there, even though I know I wasn’t. She said I gave her my information and she pulled up my website and she was sure that it was me that was there at the meeting and I had given her my information but someone came and interrupted us and we didn’t get a chance to talk. So now she was calling me to talk more about naturopathy. I had no idea how she thought I was some place where I wasn’t. But the thing is, she really did need to talk to me and I was indeed the person to help her. But I don’t know how I was in two places at one time.

Later, I got a revelation when I was working on something, that God, I AM is Omnipresent. Not only can I declare I am Pre-sent, Present. I can also declare I am Omni-Present: pre-sent everywhere at the same time. WOW!!

Essential Oils that Bring You Into the Awareness of “I AM”

Oils are light and life! This is a lot to take in at once. If you only get one take away from my sharing this: You have the power to say, “I AM” and bring your whole heart, mind, body and spirit into 100% fullness with who you are. I use essential oils to bring light and frequency. Here are just a few I AM statements to declare over yourself using essential oils. Rub these oils on your heart while you declare, “I AM…”

I AM Awake: Awaken, Juniper, Lemon, Peppermint, Orange

I AM Love: Valor, Frankincense, Rose, Geranium

I AM Peace: Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Lavender, Marjoram

I AM Joy: Joy, Hope, Motivation

I AM Confident: Valor, Jasmine

I AM Whole: Blue Cypress, Goldenrod, Purification

Abundance essential oilI AM Blessed: Build Your Dream, Highest Potential, Abundance

I AM Beautiful: Harmony, Acceptance

I AM Good Decisions: Brain Power, Grounding, Valerian, Common Sense

I AM Strong: Valor, Harmony

I AM Believing: Believe, Faith, Inspiration

I AM Hope: Hope, Envision

I AM Abundance: Abundance, Gathering, Finance, Family

I AM Acceptance: Acceptance, Gratitude, Forgiveness

I AM Revelation: Clarity, Inspiration, Faith

I AM Pre-Sent: Present Time, Highest Potential

I AM Purpose: Magnify Your Purpose, Believe

I AM Secure: Cypress, Inner Child, Harmony

I AM Restoration: Angelica, Harmony, SARA

I AM Potential: Highest Potential, Into the Future, Magnify Your Purpose

I AM Happy: Grapefruit, Lemon, Joy, Fun, Citrus Fresh

Awaken To the Light and Power of Essential Oils

Did you know essential oils can change your frequency and bring light into your body? To get started, you can purchase a starter kit and we’ll send you information about how to use essential oils for wellness and illumination.

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